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Best Callaway Drivers (TOP Ranked)

Best Callaway Drivers

Looking for the best Callaway drivers to help improve your game?

From the new addition for 2022 the Rogue ST drivers range to the Epic Max and Epic Speed, Epic Flash, Mavrik, Rogue and originals the Big Bertha and XR, some of the industry leading drivers are in the Callaway range.

Plus check out the latest version of the Great Big Bertha launched for 2023.

In this article, runs you through the options available if you are thinking about adding a new Callaway driver to you bag.

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Callaway Rogue ST Drivers

Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver

Callaway Rogue ST drivers are new for 2022 with four models in the new range – the Max, Max D, Max LS and Triple Diamond LS.

All four feature Callaway’s Jailbreak Speed Frame and Artificial Intelligence Flash Face, and they are now joined by a Tungsten Speed Cartridge in the new Rogues.

The Max is what Callaway describe as the standard version of the driver and built to be an ideal choice for golfers of all abilities.

The Max D driver is largely similar to the Max, but this model has a significant draw bias and a stretched profile to help eradicate the dreaded slice from your game.

The Max LS driver is the low spin option in the range and designed to produce a piercing trajectory and neutral ball flight for maximum distance.

This Triple Diamond LS driver is very similar in profile and performance to the LS, but features Callaway’s Triple Diamond club head which is a more compact 450cc option.

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Callaway Great Big Bertha Driver

The new 2023 Callaway Great Big Bertha driver has been unveiled as the most technologically advanced driver yet.

The Big Bertha needs little introduction having been one of the best selling of all-time, and now Callaway have thrown all ground-breaking technology at the classic driver.

A lightweight Triaxial Carbon Crown, Forged Carbon Sole, Artificial Intelligence Jailbreak Speed Frame and Flash Face Technology are all included in the latest iteration of the GBB driver.

The driver is also part of a series that includes fairway woods, hybrids and irons.

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Callaway Epic Max Driver

Callaway Epic Max LS Driver

The Epic Max driver was released in 2021 as the successor to the Epic Flash, and features two different models.

The Max is the standard version and is an evolution of the Flash with Jailbreak Technology, although this time pinned by four connection points. The Artificial Intelligence Speed Frame is also present in the Max, which has a sole more like the Mavrik than the Flash as design elements of previous models combined.

The second model is the Max LS, which has been designed to produce Low Spin levels. The differences are subtle, although the LS does have a marginally smaller clubhead and a smaller sliding weight on the sole.

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Callaway Epic Speed Driver

Released at the same time as the Max and Max LS drivers, the Speed has some notable design differences from it’s fellow Epic models.

Callaway have stripped out the sliding weight and replaced it with a single weight at the rear to create a lighter driver, increased MOI and more clubhead speed.

The weight can be placed in the front of the sole or rear to create differing set up options. Artificial Intelligence Speed Frame and Jailbreak Technology are present, as is now expected in the Epic range.

Callaway Epic Speed Driver

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Callaway Epic Flash Driver

Callaway Epic Flash Driver

The Callaway Epic Flash driver first appeared in 2019 as the second generation of the original Epic GBB (Giant Big Bertha). Featuring Callaway’s Flash Face and Jailbreak Technology, Artificial Intelligence has been used to extract even more performance.

The Epic Flash, designed in an attractive black and lime green colour scheme, adds more distance, less spin and is more forgiving than its predecessor the Epic.

The Jailbreak Technology works via two vertical metal bars behind the face for better flex, while the Flash Face Technology generates increased ball speed even on off centre strikes. It is a seriously impressive driver.

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Callaway Mavrik Driver

Callaway Mavrik Drivers

The Callaway Mavrik driver was released in January 2020 as a replacement for the popular Callaway Rogue. The Mavrik driver sports a very neat orange and black colour scheme, and has been been designed using many of the traits of the Rogue.

There is Callaway’s Flash Face technology with the super computer and AI used to come up with the perfect combination – just as it was in the creation of the Epic Flash.

Callaway’s Jailbreak Technology has also been incorporated in the Mavrik, Mavrik Max and Mavrik Sub Zero options, and the Triaxial Carbon Crown is also present.

The face has been made marginally lighter than the Rogue, but it has also been strengthened by the latest titanium compound used. The end result is a driver that produces greater ball speed, more forgiveness and a supreme sound.

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Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

The B21 driver was designed to help golfers eliminate a slice from their game and to find fairways much more consistently.

The driver features a draw bias design internal in the head of the B21 driver without the need to tinker with setup, although there are interchangeable sole weights.

Callaway’s AI designed flash face technology is present to promote fast ball speeds, as does the jailbreak technology with two internal strengthening bars behind the face to connect the sole and the crown.

The lighter T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown has allowed Callaway to increase the MOI via weight redistribution and the face structure is stronger than traditional titanium.

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Callaway Rogue Driver

Callaway Rogue Driver

The Callaway Rogue driver was first released at the start of 2018. The Rogue features the unique Jailbreak Technology which was first used in the Epic, and is lighter, thinner but more importantly longer in distance than its predecessor.

Interestingly, Callaway chose not to introduce adjustability in the Rogue, opting instead to release Standard, Sub Zero and Draw drivers to suit the games of golfers of all shape, sizes and swing patterns.

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Callaway XR Speed Driver

Callaway XR Speed Driver

The XR Speed driver was introduced as as a replacement for the XR 16 driver to sit in the mid-market range and offer a big stick that doesn’t feature expensive technology. Compared to the XR 16 driver, the XR Speed is lighter, faster and more forgiving than its predecessor.

It doesn’t have the unique Jailbreak Technology and the bars that feature behind the faces of the Epic Flash, Mavrik and Rogue, but Callaway have still come up with a driver they expect to rival their own premium products.

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Callaway Big Bertha Driver

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion

The Callaway Big Bertha driver has been around some time and made a massive impact quite literally due to the size of the club head. The latest version is the Big Bertha Fusion and it continues the mould of its predecessors as a reliably long driver.

Significantly the Exo-Cage/triaxial carbon construction of the crown, just as used in the Epic, means the Big Bertha is as forgiving as it is long.

The Big Bertha stands out as value for money for golfers of all levels of ability if you are thinking about purchasing a second-hand Callaway driver.

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