Callaway Warbird Golf Balls Review

Warbird balls are Callaway's firmest golf balls.

The Warbird balls are the firmest of any Callaway golf ball.

Callaway Warbird Balls

Callaway Warbird golf balls are the firmest ball the manufacturer offers and is an ideal choice for beginners or value-for-money seekers.

The Warbird balls are a 2-piece construction and offer added distance, but do lack the softest around the greens the more expensive and better known Callaway golf balls like the Chrome Soft or Supersoft models provide.

The Callaway Warbirds come with the slogan “Designed for Distance” and very much provide that. They are also a cheap golf ball and appeal to a range of handicap golfers.

What Callaway say about the Warbird balls:

“The Warbird Golf Ball is engineered for long distance and maximum speed from a high energy core, and a 2-piece construction.

“It also promotes high launch with feel and control to go along with all that distance. If you’re looking to hit the ball farther, try the new Callaway Warbird.

Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

“Engineered for maximum ball speed through the bag. The extra-large, high-energy core is highly compressible to unlock more potential distance at any swing speed.”

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Callaway Warbird Golf Balls Design & Features

The Warbird is a two-piece construction that Callaway have designed for distance, so much so that is the slogan used for this model.

The ball features an extra-large, high-energy core that helps extra maximum distance regardless of swing speed.

Callaway Warbird Balls

The Warbird is a 90 compression ball, making it one of the firmest on the market, but the core is highly compressible to help extra distance gains.

The optimized ionomer cover features a HEX Aerodynamics design to helps reduce drag and increase the launch angle for more carry.

Callaway have improved the Warbird in the latest generation for more speed, more hang time and more distance, without sacrificing the greenside control in this ball.

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Verdict: Are Callaway Warbird Golf Balls any good?

Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

If you’re looking to add yards to your game, this value for money ball could well provide the answer.

They feel firm off the club face, probably because they are, but do have plenty of carry and roll on the fairway to get the most out your long game.

They aren’t the most responsive around the greens for approach play and short game, but perform well enough for a ball in this price range. Overall they aren’t bad, but are better suited to higher-handicappers and beginners.


How much do Callaway Warbird Golf Balls cost?

A pack of 12 Callaway Warbird balls retail at £17 / $22.50 with most online golf stores.

What is the compression of a Callaway Warbird Golf Ball?

The Warbird balls are one of the firmest out there with a compression of 90.