Odin Golf Balls Review

Odin balls feature three models with differing levels of performance.

Odin golf balls feature the X, X1 and XS models.

Odin Golf Balls

Odin Golf Balls are a new range to the market with three models offering affordability without compromising performance. How do the rate?

The Odin range features the X, X1 and XS golf balls, each catering for golfers of different abilities without breaking the bank.

The X is the cheapest of the three options, the X1 the most expensive offering tour-level performance and the XS the all-rounder of the range.

Odin X Golf Ball

Odin Golf Balls

The Odin X ball is the cheapest option from the manufacturer and is billed as ball you can afford to lose.

Targeted towards mid-to-high handicapper who lack consistency, the X model provides good distance and control but significantly won’t blow your golfing budget.

The X is a 3-piece ball that is suited to golfers with a slower swing speed than average, and produced a high launch angle and enough feel around the greens – although you can expect less spin with this ball.

Odin X1 Golf Ball

Odin X1 Balls

Odin’s premium ball is the X1 and you can expect tour level performance from this option, which is similar to the Titleist Pro V1, TaylorMade TP5 and Bridgestone Tour BX – but at a significantly lower price point.

Excellent distance and spin are what you can expect from this 3-piece construction ball, as well as all the workability that mid-to-low handicap golfers are seeking.

The urethane cover is extremely durable, the compression is a high and you can swing hard and extract even more distance from your game.

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Odin XS Golf Ball

Odin XS Ball

The Odin XS is the all-rounder and the mid-market model and one that appeals to a variety of golfers.

Suited best golfers with a mid swing speed, the XS ball provides the perfect blend of distance and spin to help get the most from your game.

The core in the XS ball is softer than that the X1 balls, but don’t let that make you think there aren’t good distance gains to be made when using this Odin ball.

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Are Odin Golf Balls any good?

Odin have come up with impressive golf balls in each of the price points. They are value for money and won’t break the bank, but you can expect a good standard of performance.

Which is the best Odin Golf Ball?

The X1 is the tour performance model of the Odin range. The XS is the all-rounder with good spin and distance levels, while the X is the cheapest option and is targeted at mid-to-high handicappers. All three are 3-piece balls.

How much do Odin Golf Balls cost?

The Odin X retails at $16.99 for a 12-pack, the Odin XS is available at $26.99 for 12 and the X1 is priced at $34.99 for a dozen.