Rife RX4 Laser Rangefinder Review

How does the Rife RX4 Rangefinder compare to other Laser measuring devices?

Review of the Rife RX4 Laser Rangefinder and the features incorporated.

Rife RX4 Laser Rangefinder

The Rife RX4 Laser Rangefinder is a value-for-money distance measuring device. We take a look at how it compares to other leading brands.

The RX4 Rangefinder helps you take the guesswork out of assessing how far away your target is while you golf.

But how does the won’t-break-the-bank Rife laser compare to more established brands like Bushnell, Garmin and SkyCaddie? Quite well as it goes.

What Rife says about the RX4 Laser Rangefinder:

“The RX4 is a highly accurate laser emitting lens and receiver with an impressive range of metres or yards, so you can rest assured you will get the best results.

Rife RX4 Laser Rangefinder

“This rangefinder has been designed to help provide you with more confidence. To give accurate distance measurements of the golf course, and insight to clubs required to select while playing your round of golf.

“It even features slope compensation, whether looking up or down at your target this device will work out the difference in distance to ensure you make the correct club selection.”

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Rife RX4 Laser Rangefinder Design & Features

This RX4 has been designed to give you a lot more confidence when planning your golf shots, especially in regard to club selection.

It does so thanks to a very accurate laser-emitting lens and receiver and range of technologies you might expect to find in more expensive rangefinders.

Rife RX4 Laser Rangefinder

The Rife RX4 Laser Rangefinder has an eyepiece adjustment and a tripod hole, should you wish to use it on the range too.

You can expect to receive information about your shots to within a yard or two of accuracy, get distances in either yards or metres.

You can also factor in the slope and undulations via the slope compensation function.

The RX4 rangefinder is available only in black, and comes with an ergonomic design and attractive carrying case.

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Verdict: Is the Rife RX4 Laser Rangefinder any good?

If you find your current golf GPS watch and measuring device is a little off, the RX4 rangefinder from Rife will certainly help you out.

Rife RX4 Laser Rangefinder

Whether you are overhitting the green or under-hitting it because you aren’t confident in the distances, the Rife rangefinder takes some of the guesswork out and helps you find targets more consistently.

This isn’t a flash rangefinder in the slightest, but it is incredible value for money. If you are looking for your first laser reader or want to see what all the fuss is about, the RX4 is a great starting point.


How much does the Rife RX4 Laser Rangefinder cost?

Expect to pay about £119 / $164 for the RX4 Laser Rangefinder.

Does the Rife RX4 Rangefinder have slope compensation?

Yes, it comes as standard with slope compensation as a feature.

What colours is the RX4 Laser Rangefinder available in?

It comes in just one colour option – black.