Scotty Cameron Concept X Putters Review

New prototype from Scotty Cameron set for release

Scotty Cameron Concept X

Scotty Cameron Concept X putters have been designed to target golfers seeking tour-standard performance – and boy do they deliver.

The Concept X putters feature two separate designs – the Scotty Cameron CX-01 and the Scotty Cameron CX-02 – with the leading brand coming up with two blade putters boasting the forgiveness of a mallet in the unique concept.

“Concept X is for the player who wants the feel and performance of a tour-proven blade, but wants to benefit from the last technology and for more forgiveness,” is what master craftsman Scotty Cameron has to say about the two putters.

Both versions of the putter come with wings as part of the unique design, have been coloured in a stealth grey design with a black face and have technology in abundance.

The Concept X putters have been created using the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 as a base, but the head has been widened, wings are included along with positioning weights in the sole.

Both the heel and toe weights are customisable to create a putter perfectly balanced for the individual golfer.

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Scotty Cameron CX-01 Putter

The CX-01 version of the Concept X has what Scotty Cameron is call a Nuckle Neck. The design of it is similar to plumbing necks on other putters.

The design feature allows the weight to move to the wings to produce a putter with a heavy head.

Scotty Cameron CX-01

The face is mid-milled aluminium and features a new dual-zone vibration dampening system either side of stainless steel bands which separate the zones.

That, along with the face inlay, produces an improved sound and feel from previous Scotty Cameron ranges.

Scotty Cameron CX-02 Putter

The CX-02 has a Joint Neck design, as described by Scott Cameron, although it has a slightly different angle to it from previous putters.

The idea behind it is that the weight moves to the perimeter and produces a blade head with the feel of a mallet.

Scotty Cameron CX-02

The neck on the CX-02 means it is best suited to golfers with an arc putting stroke.

The dual-zone vibration dampening system is also present in the CX-02 putter.

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Concept X Putters Verdict

Scotty Cameron are known for producing highly impressive putters and the Concept X is no different.

They are expensive if you are considering purchasing one, but you know you are getting the quality of a Scotty Cameron putter.

What is guaranteed is that the Concept X putters are the perfect answer to golfers searching for the performance of a blade with the forgiveness of a mallet.

The fact they can be customised in terms of weighting is an added bonus.