Scotty Cameron MONOBLOK Putters Review (LIMITED Edition 6 & 6.5)

Two new putters are released on a limited edition MONOBLOK series.

Two new Monoblok putters are launched on a limited release.

Scotty Cameron MONOBLOK Putters

Scotty Cameron MONOBLOK putters have been launched with two new putters – the 6 and 6.5 mid-mallets – released as part of a limited edition series.

The popular half-moon mallets have been given purpose-specific neck and shaft configurations in the one-off designs, along with an anti-glare stainless steel finish known as Monoblok.

The Scotty Cameron MONOBLOK 6 and Scotty Cameron MONOBLOK 6.5 are being made available on a limited release from October 7, 2022.

What Scotty Cameron says about the MONOBLOK putters:

“With a passion for creating putters that perform at golf’s highest levels, Scotty Cameron introduces the new MONOBLOK 6 and MONOBLOK 6.5 putters.

“Inspired by the continued success of professionals playing GOLO putters on the worldwide tours, these rounded mallets are reminiscent of GOLO designs, yet offer a new, sought-after head size in two, purpose-specific neck and shaft configurations.

Scotty Cameron MONOBLOK Putters

“Like the iconic automotive wheel crafted from a single block of metal, Scotty named these putters MONOBLOK to celebrate his tradition of milling putters from solid 303 stainless steel.”

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Scotty Cameron MONOBLOK 6 Putter Review

The Scotty Cameron 6 putter is one of the two models released in the MONOBLOK series and is based on the GOLO design.

This putter is a half-moon mid-mallet produced from a single block of 303 stainless steel, and is face balanced with increased MOI for maximum forgiveness.

Scotty Cameron MONOBLOK 6 Putter

The precision milled putter also featured a 6061 aircraft aluminium sole plate and two interchangeable steel toe and heel weights to help create the perfect setup.

The MONOBLOK 6 has a mid-bend steel shaft, which helps reduce face rotation and reduces a putting arc to help you putt straight down the line on the greens.

Finished with an anti-glare misted stainless steel finish, the MONOBLOK 6 comes with a new Pistolero Plus grip as standard.

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Scotty Cameron MONOBLOK 6.5 Putter Review

The Scotty Cameron MONOBLOK 6.5 putter is identical to the 6 model when it comes to the putter head itself, but has been designed with a different shaft.

This putter features a small slant or “jet” neck, which has more offset, and is the choice of the two options for golfers with an arc putting stroke.

The 6.5 putters has the toe flow features of a blade when compared to the 6, which is a traditional mid-mallet through and through in terms of performance.

Scotty Cameron MONOBLOK 6.5 Putter

This model also has the single block of 303 stainless steel putter head, along with a 6061 aircraft aluminium sole plate and steel weights.

The weight of the putter is distributed towards the perimeter to increase MOI, forgiveness, balance and feel.

The MONOBLOK 6.5 is also has a misted anti-glare finish and comes with a Pistolero Plus grip.

Verdict: Are Scotty Cameron MONOBLOK putters any good?

Scotty Cameron have come up with limited edition versions of new putters in recent years and the MONOBLOK models are the latest off the production line.

These mid-mallets have previously been very popular on tour as GOLO putters, and they have been produced with two different shaft bends for new options.

The performance can’t be questioned and these are incredibly please on the eye with the anti-glare finish. The only thing that makes the eye water is the price tag.


What is the Scotty Cameron MONOBLOK putters release date?

The putters go on sale on October 7 and are available for a limited time only.

How much do Scotty Cameron MONOBLOK putters cost?

The new putters range are available for purchase at $650 / £575.

What putter models are available in the MONOBLOK range?

There are two putters released in the limited release design – the MONOBLOK 6 and MONOBLOK 6.5.