How to Change Scotty Cameron Putter Weights (Weight Chart)

Step by step guide to changing Scotty Cameron Putter weights

Guide to adding weight to a Scotty Cameron putter.

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Wondering how to change Scotty Cameron putter weights? We have a guide to adjusting Scotty Cameron weights and the full weight chart for putters.

Whether you want to add weight to a putter or want to find the better balance and setup to master the greens, the good news is you can do that with a Scotty Cameron putter.

One of the key features of Scotty putters is the adjustability of the weights. By adjusting the weights, you can fine-tune the balance and feel to match their individual stroke and preferences.

Benefits of Adding Weight to Scotty Cameron Putter

Improved stability: By adjusting the weight distribution, you can improve the stability of your putter, which can help you maintain a consistent stroke.

Increased accuracy: Fine-tuning the weight distribution can help you achieve a more consistent and accurate roll on your putts.

Enhanced feel: Adjusting the weight can help you achieve a better feel for the putter, which can improve your confidence and comfort on the green.

Adjusting Scotty Cameron Weights

To adjust the weights in a Scotty Cameron putter, you will need a weight kit, which can be purchased separately.

The kit typically includes a variety of weights ranging from 2.5 to 40 grams, as well as a Scotty Cameron weight removal tool to remove and insert the weights.

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With the weight kit in hand, you can begin the process of adjusting the weights to find the perfect balance for your putting stroke.

How to Adjust the Weights in a Scotty Cameron Putter

The pointers below guide you through the process of adding weight to Scotty Cameron putter step by step to get the most out of your putter and improve your game.

This can be done to Scotty Newports, the Special Select range, Super Select putters, Phantom X models and many more.

To change the sole weights in a Scotty putter, follow this how to change Scotty Cameron putter weights process:

1. Remove the old weights with the Scotty Cameron weight removal wrench tool. Unscrew and remove the old weights from the sole of the putter.

To identify the current weight of your putter, look for markings on the bottom of each weight that indicate their size and type.

2. Clean the weight ports using a soft cloth or brush to clean out any debris or dirt from the weight ports.

3. Select the desired weight for your putter based on your personal preference and putting style. As mentioned, weights vary from 2.5g to 40g.

4. Insert new weights into the ports and use the wrench tool to tighten them securely.

5. Once you’ve installed the new weights, check for balance by holding your putter at its balance point. If it feels right you are good to go.

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How to Remove Scotty Cameron Putter Weights Without Tool

You will need to purchase a new putter weight removal tool in order to be able to change the weights. Without it, you will be unable to start the process above.

Scotty Cameron Weight Chart

There is no best weight for Scotty Cameron putter – it all depends on personal preference when it comes to setup.

Choosing the right weight for your putter depends on a few factors, including your putting stroke and personal preference.

A heavier weight will provide more stability and reduce twisting during the stroke, while a lighter weight can offer more feel and control.

It’s recommended that you start with the standard weights that come with your Scotty Cameron putter and experiment from there.

Putter Length-to-Weight recommendations:

Putter LengthLighterStandardHeavierExtra Heavy
36″N/A2 x 5g weights2 x 10g weights2 x 15g weights
35″2 x 5g 2 x 10g2 x 15g2 x 20g
34″2 x 10g 2 x 15g 2 x 20g 2 x 25g 
33″2 x 15g 2 x 20g 2 x 25g 2 x 30g 
32″2 x 20g 2 x 25g 2 x 30g N/A
31″2 x 25g 2 x 30g N/AN/A

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