Takomo 301 CB Irons Review (STUNNING Cavity Backs)

The 301 CB Irons are a stunning cavity back blade from Takomo

Takomo have launched a cavity back forged blade.

Takomo 301 CB Irons

The Takomo 301 CB irons are an industry favourite, providing the perfect combination of both workability and feel that low handicap golfers crave.

One of two models in the 301 range along with the MB muscle backs, the cavity back option are the more forgiving of the two stunning blade designs.

Designed for low handicap to scratch golfers, the 301 CBs are a one-piece forged iron offer supreme feel, workability and control from a classic looking blade.

The two models can be paired in the 301 Combo Irons set or bought separately and we take a look at how the cavity back CB irons perform vs the MB.

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What Takomo says about the 301 CB irons:

“The Iron 301CB is a player’s cavity back iron traditional loft and beautiful looks.

“Takomo 301 CB irons are absolutely beautiful in their precision and playability. These irons will help players improve by providing forged feel with enhanced control.

Takomo 301 CB Irons

“Designed to provide a great overall playing experience, these irons are a combination of beauty, control and forgiveness.

“The Takomo 301 CB is a player’s cavity back iron that provides control, workability, and forgiveness while maintaining a timeless look and forged feel.

“Precision forged S20C steel provides silky smooth contact, control, and responsiveness.

“The short blade length, lower centre of gravity, perimeter weighting, and larger sole are all designed to promote accurate shot-shaping with a touch more forgiveness than the 301 MBs.”

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Takomo 301 CB Irons Specs & Features

The 301 CB irons are a cavity back design crafted from a single piece of precision forged S20C steel for the most silky of blades.

Designed with low-handicap to elite level golfers in mind, the 301 CBs offering slightly more forgiveness that their sister model the MB muscle backs.

Takomo 301 Combo Irons

But that doesn’t they don’t offer the same buttery feel off the forged face, impressive workability and provide eye-catching control from any lie.

The blade itself has a classic look with the length of the clubhead slightly shorter than the MB model.

That has allowed Takomo’s design team to push the center of gravity lower and add to the perimeter weight for the increased forgiveness from the cavity backs.

The 301 CB irons are available in 4-iron (23 degrees) to pitching wedge (47 degrees) with a KBS Tour shaft and Lamkin Crossline grip.

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Verdict: Are the Takomo 301 CB irons any good?

Takomo are fast getting a reputation and the performance of the 301 CB irons are part of that, offering incredible value for money.

At $650 USD for a set, they rank impressively well again other forged blades on the market in terms of price…but also deliver on performance too.

The cavity backs offer slightly more forgiveness than the muscle backs and are recommended as a serious options for low handicap look for a new set that does the business on the course.


How much do Takomo Golf 301 CB irons cost?

They cost $650 USD plus shipping.

What are the Takomo CB irons specs?

The specs of the 301 irons are: 4-iron (23 degrees), 5-iron (26 degrees), 6-iron (30 degrees), 7-iron (34 degrees), 8-iron (38 degrees), 9-iron (42 degrees) and pitching wedge (47 degrees).