Takomo 301 MB Irons Review (Muscle Back BLADES)

Takomo have come up with a supreme muscle back blade

The 301 MB are a stunning muscle back blade from Takomo.

Takomo 301 MB Irons

The Takomo 301 MB irons are a stunning new muscle back blade, offering a blend of workability and feel in a complete package and affordable option.

Designed with scratch golfers in mind, the MB muscle backs are one of two models in the 301 range along with the cavity back CB option.

The 301 MBs are a one-piece forged iron made from S20C carbon steel and sensational feel, maximum workability and a whole lot of control too.

The two models can be paired in the 301 Combo Irons set or bought separately and we take a look at how the muscle back MB irons perform vs the CB.

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What Takomo says about the 301 MB irons:

“The Iron 301MB is a player’s muscle back iron traditional loft and beautiful looks. This iron is all about feel and workability.

“The Takomo 301 MB is a traditional muscleback blade-style design that provides excellent feel, stability, and control.

“Less is more. If you like to work the golf ball, you’ll love what you can do with this iron with a butter smooth feel, impressive control and responsiveness.

Takomo 301 MB Irons

“Aside from the premium performance and workability of this blade, the back and face are finished with satin nickel chromium to create a flawless and lustrous look.

“The 301 MB is a forged iron made from a single billet of S20C carbon steel. The pre-worn leading-edge and sole helps the club slide through the turf effortlessly – even on shots with a steep attack angle.

“The blade length, topline and offset are all designed to promote pinpoint shot-making and more workability through the set.”

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Takomo 301 CB Irons Specs & Features

The 301 MB irons are a muscle back design crafted from a single piece of precision forged S20C steel, and the end product is the most eye-catching of blades.

Designed for scratch golfers, the 301 MBs are less forgiving than the CB Model, but provide a more workable option with even more feel than the sister model.

Takomo 301 Combo Irons

The blade clubhead has a classic look with the length slightly longer than the CB model from heel to toe.

The forged face is designed to enhance the feel that elite golfers are looking for as well as provide and impressive amount of impressive workability for shot-shaping.

The 301 MB irons are available in 4-iron (23 degrees) to pitching wedge (47 degrees) with a KBS Tour shaft and Lamkin Crossline grip.

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Verdict: Are the Takomo 301 MB irons any good?

Takomo are fast getting a reputation and the performance of the 301 MB irons are part of that, offering incredible value for money for elite-level blades.

Costing just $650 USD for a set, they offer incredible value compared to some of the other similar performing muscle back blades on the market.

If you want a touch more forgiveness then the CB model is the right choice, but if buttery feel is your requirement then you won’t go wrong with the 301 MBs are for you.


How much do Takomo Golf 301 MB irons cost?

They cost $650 USD plus shipping.

What are the Takomo MB irons specs?

The specs of the 301 irons are: 4-iron (23 degrees), 5-iron (26 degrees), 6-iron (30 degrees), 7-iron (34 degrees), 8-iron (38 degrees), 9-iron (42 degrees) and pitching wedge (47 degrees).