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Home » Wilson Launch Pad Woods Review (GAME-IMPROVING Fairway Woods for 2022)

Wilson Launch Pad Woods Review (GAME-IMPROVING Fairway Woods for 2022)

Wilson Launch Pad Woods

The newest edition of the Wilson Launch Pad woods were launched in March 2022 with more benefits in the latest generation of the game-improving fairways.

The entire Launch Pad range, which comprises of a driver, woods, hybrids and irons, has been designed for higher handicappers with the clubs fitting into the Super-Game Improvement second of the market.

In this article, we take a look at the Wilson Launch Pad woods, what they offer, how they can benefit from your game and test our just how good they are.

What Wilson says about the Launch Pad fairway woods:

“Wilson Staff Launch Pad fairway woods are designed with lightweight components, a moderate hosel offset and a Carpenter Custom 455 face for maximum control, incredible feel and impressive distance.

“The Launch Pad driver is designed to solve golf’s most frustrating problem – the dreaded slice off the tee.

Wilson Launch Pad Woods

“The moderate hosel offset, combined with 13 grams of weight in the heel side of the club and an upright lie angle will put an end to the slice in your game. ​

“A high-strength Carpenter Custom 455 Face delivers consistently high ball speeds for better feel and greater distance.” ​

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Wilson Launch Pad Woods Specs & Design

The fairway woods are a very attractive looking club that give golfers a real sense of quality.

As Super-Game Improvement clubs, the Wilson woods are designed to reduce slices and be easy to easy-to-hit.

The technology behind the woods includes a high-strength and super thin Carpenter Custom face delivers great feel and higher ball speeds.

Wilson Launch Pad Woods

Many aspects of the club design are aimed at promoting a draw bias, including face angle and geometry, a moderate offset, the head shape and a center of gravity positioned forward and heelward.

The one concern would be the offset design which at times can be too pronounced and make the club seem a bit closed at address.

There are only two Launch Pad Fairways, a 3-wood and 5-wood. The reason for this is due to the inclusion of an FY Hybrid, or Fybrid, in Wilson’s range which is a cross between a fairway wood and a hybrid. This will fill the gap of a more lofted fairway wood.

Wilson Launch Pad Woods

Verdict: Are the Wilson Launch Pad woods any good?

Like the rest of the Wilson Launch Pad range, the fairways are forgiving and easy-to-hit.

They have a strong draw bias that helps eliminate slices, a common fault for most golfers, thus increasing distance and accuracy.

They are ideal for higher handicappers, beginners and casual golfers and help to simplify the game, get the ball in the air easier and make it more fun as a result.

Wilson Launch Pad Woods


How much do the Wilson Launch Pad Woods cost?

The fairway woods retail for around $242/£206. This marks a considerable saving when compared to other fairway woods such as the TaylorMade Stealth and the Titleist TSR2.

What are the Wilson Launch Pad fairway woods specs?

The fairway woods range comprises of a 3-wood and 5-wood. The 3-wood has a loft of 15 degrees while the 5-wood has 18 degrees of loft.

The downside to a club like Wilson is the lack of choice and adjustability but given the price, this can be overlooked.

The woods come with only one grip, the Wilson Staff Midsize Grip and have a single Project X Evenflow lightweight shaft available in three flexes: Senior (50g), Regular (55g) and Stiff (58g).

Who should use the Wilson Launch Pad Woods?

The Wilson Launch Pad Fairways are suited to golfers with moderate swing speeds. In general, high handicappers, beginners and casual golfers will find a benefit using these clubs. They are easy to hit and help get the ball into the air while also delivering distance.