Wilson Launch Pad Hybrids Review (SUPER-Game Improving Rescues)

The Wilson Launch Pad hybrids are designed to "stop the slice"

The Launch Pad irons were released in 2022 as game improving rescues.

Wilson Launch Pad Hybrids

The Wilson Launch Pad hybrids are the second generation of the rescues clubs and were first released in 2022. More affordable that other hybrids on the market, are they actually any good?

Part of the Launch Pad range, which also consists of a driver, fairway woods and irons, the rescues fit into the super-game improvement market. They are designed to cater for high handicappers and are both high launching and forgiving.

In this review, we take a look at what the Launch Pad hybrids offer, how they perform and just how they can help your game.

What Wilson say about the 2022 Launch Pad Hybrids:

“Launch Pad Hybrids are draw-biased, lightweight and easy-to-hit hybrids designed to help players solve the slice and add effortless distance to their game.

“A high-strength and super thin Carpenter Custom face delivers great feel and higher ball speeds.

Wilson Launch Pad Hybrids

“Perfectly positioned between fairways and irons, the Launch Pad hybrids add the option of a 4 and 5 hybrid, ensuring proper gapping for every player.

“Many aspects of this club design are aimed at promoting a draw bias, including face angle and geometry, a moderate offset, the head shape and a center of gravity positioned forward and heelward.”

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Wilson Launch Pad Hybrids Specs & Design

The Wilson Launch Pad hybrids are draw-biased, lightweight and easy-to-hit, designed to eliminate slices and provide effortless distance.

They have been designed expressly for higher handicappers with the intention of providing straighter ball flights and more distance.

Wilson Launch Pad Hybrids

The hybrids feature a high-strength and super thin “Carpenter Custom” face that delivers great feel and higher ball speeds.

Many aspects of the club design are aimed at promoting a draw bias and solving the slice, with the face angle, offset, head shape all designed to promote a draw.

Wilson have also positioned the center of gravity forward and heelward to help with the shot shape and to add forgiveness.

The clubs have a great look, are sleek and classy with the only potential drawback being their offset design. Some might find it a little too closed at address.

Wilson Launch Pad Hybrids

There are three separate clubs in the Launch Pad Hybrids range, a 4 hybrid, a 5 hybrid and a FY hybrid or Fybrid. The Fybrid is a cross between and a Fairway wood and Hybrid.

Verdict: Are the Wilson Launch Pad Hybrids any good?

The Super-Game Improvement market is a historically underserved market. Wilson is going the extra step to create quality clubs that are easy to hit for high handicappers.

In the process they are succeeding in making the game easier, more accessible and more fun for beginners and casual golfers.

The hybrids perform well at a great price point. Anyone getting into their game or struggling with their long irons will find them extremely beneficial.


How much do the Wilson Launch Pad Hybrids cost?

The Wilson Launch Pad Hybrids cost $199/£175. This makes them considerably more affordable than hybrids from other manufacturers such as the TaylorMade Stealth which retails at around $280/£240.

What specs do the Launch Pad Hybrids come in?

There are three versions of the hybrid available, the 19.5-degree Fybrid, the 22.5-degree 4 hybrid and the 25.5-degree 5 hybrid.

They come with a WS Midsize grip and Graphite Evenflow shaft. The Fybrid and 4 hybrid are available in stiff, regular and senior flexes while the 5 hybrid only comes in regular and senior.

What is a Wilson Fybrid?

The FY hybrid, or Fybrid, is a combination between a fairway wood and a hybrid and is the equivalent of a 2 hybrid. The idea behind the club is to bridge the gap between fairway woods and hybrids and many consider it a great option off the tee on tight holes.

The Fybrid has high-profile backing with three-time major champion Padraig Harrington a big fan of the club. This proves that while it may be more affordable than other brands and geared towards higher handicaps, it still performs like a premium club for even the best of players.