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Wilson Launch Pad Irons Review (NEW 2022 Release)

Wilson Launch Pad Irons

Wilson Launch Pad irons first hit the shelves in 2020 and were given a makeover and relaunched again in 2022. How does the latest generation perform?

They have a unique look with a hollowed out back that makes them appear more like hybrids than irons and there’s a good reason for their appearance.

The Launch Pad irons, which are joined by drivers, fairway woods and hybrids in the series, fit into the Super Game Improvement category which in the past has been overlooked by manufacturers.

The idea here is to make clubs that are specifically tailored to beginner and high handicapped golfers looking for an easier way to hit the ball.

What Wilson says about the 2022 Launch Pad Irons:

“Wilson Staff Launch Pad irons are packed with features designed to help get the ball airborne, while delivering distance, forgiveness and confidence.

“The Launch Pad sole design provides exactly what the name suggests, a sole design that effectively floats above the turf, resulting in higher-launching ball flight. ​

Wilson Launch Pad Irons

“Hollow construction supports an incredibly thin face for maximum ball speed and increased distance. ​

“Long irons feature wider, more forgiving soles, with traditional game-improvement sole widths across the shorter irons. The result is consistent ball contact with less chunking and greater distance.”

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Wilson Launch Pad Irons Specs & Design

As Wilson say, the Launch Pad irons are all about “delivering distance, forgiveness and confidence” and the new model has been tweaked to do just that.

As part of revamping the clubs, Wilson removed weight from the irons and lowered the mass. As a result, the CG (Centre of Gravity) of the clubs has been lowered, leading to higher ball flights and more distance.

The wide Launch Pad sole helps the head to glide along the turf, resulting in a higher-launching ball flight. It also helps keep the clubhead out of the grass and prevents “chunks” or “fat” shots.

Wilson Launch Pad Irons

They are very easy to hit especially when it comes to the long irons, clubs that are notoriously difficult for some players to use properly.

The irons sit on the higher side when it comes to lofts and have a slight offset design to help promote draws and minimise slices.

They also feature an anti-scratch finish to resist scuffing and chipping and make the clubs last longer.

Through custom fitting, the Wilson Launch Pad irons come with a wide variety in terms of shaft and grip. The off-the-shelf irons are either fitted with a UST RECOIL Graphite shaft or a KBS TOUR 80 steel shaft. Both shafts come with a W/S Lamkin Cross/Mid grip.

Wilson Launch Pad Irons

The Wilson Launch Pad irons run from 5-PW or 5-SW but it is also possible to get a Gap Wedge through custom fitting.

Verdict: Are the Wilson Launch Pad Irons any good?

As a super game improvement iron, the Launch Pad irons are directed at a particular group of golfers. Men and women who are struggling with their irons – particularly their long irons – and want to be able to get the ball airborne more easily.

And they are very successful at it. After all, little attention has been given to this market as the only other major manufacturer to produce a similar product is Cleveland with their Launcher Irons.

The obvious initial downside to the club is the look but after a few swings that is quickly forgotten about it. Rather than questioning the blue mass that looks like it has been tacked onto the clubhead, golfers will feel more confident.

Wilson Launch Pad Irons

For competent golfers able to hit their irons to a decent standard, the Launch Pads won’t be suitable. But if you’re someone who struggles with irons then they may just be your new best friend.


How much do the Wilson Launch Pad irons cost?

They are very competitively priced with 6 irons running from 5-PW costing £549 / $625 in steel or £699 / $795 in graphite for both right and left handers. They are also available in women’s specs.

What specs do the Wilson Launch Pad irons come in?

The Launch Pad irons come in specs for both men and women and are available for right and left handers.

While there is a wide range of choice for both shafts and grips when it comes to getting custom fit, off-the-shelf sets are fitted with a W/S Lamkin Cross/Mid grip and either a UST RECOIL Graphite shaft or a KBS TOUR 80 steel shaft.

What are the lofts on Wilson Launch Pad irons?

The lofts for Launch Pad irons are: 5-iron (24 degrees), 6-iron (27 degrees), 7-iron (30 degrees), 8-iron (34 degrees), 9-iron (39 degrees), Pitching Wedge (44 degrees), Gap Wedge (49 degrees) and Sand Wedge (55 degrees).