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Home » Cobra Air-X Woods Review (Swing FASTER and BETTER)

Cobra Air-X Woods Review (Swing FASTER and BETTER)

Cobra Air-X Woods

Cobra Air-X woods are new for 2022 with some revolutionary design elements helping to create the lightest fairways yet. Swing faster and hit it longer with the Air-X fairways.

The new fairway woods are made of a premium lightweight carbon material, allowing you to swing faster and with less effort to generate maximum ball speed and distance.

The woods, which are joined in the Air-X series by drivers, hybrids and irons, also features a new aerodynamic head design to help increase clubhead speed in the latest design.

What Cobra says about the Air-X fairway woods:

“The Air-X fairways feature lightweight designs, offset, heel weighting and an ultra low profile for our easiest to swing, straightest, and highest launching fairways yet.

“The fairway uses premium lightweight carbon material to create a lighter clubhead which delivers a sensation of faster speed through the air, so every swing feels effortless.

Cobra Air-X Woods

“Heel weighting and an offset hosel will correct your slice and keep your shots flying straight down the fairway.”

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Cobra Air-X Woods Design & Features

All the Air-X series features and design elements are built to create speed through the swing. By making the clubhead lighter, Cobra allow you to swing faster and easier to gain more distance.

In the new Air-X design, Cobra have moved most of the weight in the club to the heel and increased the offset as a result to combat slices. These moves also increase overall distance.

The Cobra Air-X fairway woods are among the most forgiving on the market following the launch of the lightweight model in 2022.

Cobra Air-X Woods

It is an excellent option for players of all skill levels with a low center of gravity and a high MOI helping maximise the forgiveness on offer.

The Air-X fairways have a deep undercut in the sole to help with turf interaction, and the head shape is designed with an aerodynamic profile that helps reduce drag through the air.

The Cobra Air-X woods are available in three loft options: 3-wood (16 degrees), 5-wood (20 degrees), and 7-wood (23 degrees).

Cobra Air-X Woods

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Verdict: Are Cobra Air-X Fairway Woods any good?

Cobra has effectively utilised design to help create more speed through the swing and allow golfers to add distance without hitting the weight room. Expect more distance without swinging harder when this lightweight club is in the back.

Cobra proudly boast that the Air-X series is their most swing-friendly, straightest hitting, and highest launching wood release yet. They certainly deliver by generating more clubhead speed.

The Cobra Air-X fairways are an excellent choice for golfers looking for a high-quality, low-priced set of clubs, particular if you have a moderate swing speed and want to gain more distance without swinging harder or faster.

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How much do Cobra Air-X woods cost?

The Air-Xs are available for purchase at around £180 / $200 per wood.

What are the Cobra Air-X woods specs?

The Air-X fairways come in three options: 16 degrees (3-wood), 20 degrees (5-wood) and 23 degrees (7-wood).

What is the most significant selling point of the Air-X fairway woods?

Cobra focused heavily on speed with this model. Reducing weight and better balancing ensures that the club naturally produces a quicker swing speed, and the clubs also work to reduce slice.

Do Cobra have a trade-in policy?

Cobra offer 30 days to send your trade-in or your payment method will be charged the discount amount applied to your purchase. Trade-in discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts. One trade-in per order.