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Best Golf Woods 2022 (NEW Fairway Woods)

Ping G425 Woods

Looking for new golf fairway woods for 2022? The best golf woods 2022 have been picked out in the shortlist.

We’ve taken a look at some options that could be added to your bag this year, and help you get the most out of your game.

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1. TaylorMade Stealth Woods & Stealth Plus Woods
2. Titleist TSR Woods
3. Callaway Rogue ST Woods
4. Cobra LTDx Woods
5. Ping G425 Woods

6. PXG 0311 GEN5 Woods
7. Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Woods

TaylorMade Stealth Woods & Stealth Plus Woods

The Stealth woods take a traditional TaylorMade classic look with a twist of the modern as a 3D carbon crown is joined by a newly refined V Steel sole in the most forgiving fairways yet.

Unlike the Stealth drivers, which are a complete carbon construction including the face, the woods feature a C300 steel face. It has TaylorMade’s now standard Twist Face Technology for maximum distance even on off-centre strikes.

The Stealth fairways also have a new laser alignment system and etched pattern across the top of face to deliver improved aim and straighter ball striking as a result.

TaylorMade’s Thru-Slot Speed Pocket, meanwhile, contributes to the impressive ball speeds and distance and from across the face.

The clubhead itself is 190cc and is larger than the Stealth Plus model, which is 175cc and which also differs due to having an ultra-thin Zatech Titanium face.


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Titleist TSR Woods

Titleist TSR woods are new for 2022 with three models of the fairways launched and offering faster ball speeds than ever before.

The TSR2 is the standard model and replaces the TSi2. Key changes are centred around the CG, which is lower than ever before. Ultra low in fact, as well as being face balanced, for a high launching ball flight with less backspin.

Titleist TSR Woods

The TSR2+ fairways are almost identical to the TSR2 model, but they have a larger profile and have been designed to be the best option off the tee, rather than the deck. The TSR2+ is a three wood set to just 13 degrees.

The TSR3 differs in the fact it has a five-way SureFit Adjustable CG Track System, as also used in the TSR3 driver. The technology allows for the CG to be set to the heel, toe or neutral and generate the ideal setup for you.

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Callaway Rogue ST Woods

The Max woods are the standard model and suit a variety of golfers. Offering a mid-launch and slight draw bias, the Max is a perfect all-rounder.

For the first time, Callaway have come up with their first ever draw biased fairway wood with the launch of the Callaway Rouge ST woods Max D model.

The Rogue ST LS fairway woods are the third model and have been designed to reduce the spin levels and increase distance. The LS has a more compact clubhead than the Max and Max D, but the face is deeper.

The trio of models all feature new Jailbreak Technology moved towards the perimeter, a tungsten Speed Cartridge to move the CG low and forward, Face Cup Technology for added speed, distance and control.

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Cobra LTDx Woods

The new Cobra LTDx fairway woods range with the LTDx the standard model, the LTDx LS a low spin option and the LTDx Max designed to extract maximum distance.

All three feature PWR-COR Technology, which has been designed to distribute weight low and forward and produce faster ball speeds and less spin.

The three fairway woods also feature Cobra’s HOT Face design that features 15 different zones of thickness to give a larger sweet spot to main ball speed from across the face.

The LTDx fairway has a high level of forgiveness and offers a natural ball flight and trajectory thanks to a 12g back weight working in harmony with the front weight.

The LTDx LS Fairway is the low spin model and has been designed for lower handicap and elite golfers with fastest swing speed.

The LTDx Max woods are the highest launching of the trio of models and offers extreme forgiveness, the most of any of the three models.

The Max fairways feature 12g and 3g back and heel weights which are interchangeable to create differing amounts of draw bias with up to 11 yards in total.

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Ping G425 Woods

The Ping G425 woods include the Max, LST (Low Spin Technology) and SFT (Straight Flight Technology) models, with all three boasting new design elements – Facewrap and Spinsistency – to increase distance and providing more consistency on spin levels.

The G425 Max fairway has the highest MOI of the three models and Ping have added significant distance from this wood than the G410 fairways.

The Max model features a tungsten sole weight increases the MOI to improve the forgiveness in this latest fairway design, while the new three dot feature on the crown is to help with alignment and aim.

The LST driver has the smallest head of the three models with the more compact club head helping to increase speed and ball speed.

It is extremely forgiving, boasts a deep penetrating ball flight and produces less spin off the club face to maximise distance from this model, which is only available in 3-wood.

If you struggle with a slice, the SFT is the perfect options with the larger club head boasting heel-side CG to provide the forgiveness that all golfers with a fade or slice shape will love.

The weighting is designed to promote a right to left shot shape and to straighten out the fades or slices.

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PXG 0311 GEN5 Woods

PXG launched two separate models, the X, and XF, in the GEN5 woods with three particular features separating the two versions on the market: the head shape, the sole shape, and the clubface.

The 0311 X’s “flat sole” redistributes weight to the outside of the club to make it more forgiving while pushing the center of gravity down to make solid contact easier.

PXG 0311 GEN5 Woods

With the 0311 XF, a “railed sole geometry” carries the same benefits as the flat sole in the 0311 X, but it is intended for golfers with a steeper swing path.

When it comes to club face, the 0311 X offers a square design meant to provide a greater surface area while the 0311 XF takes this to the next level by increasing the overall size of the clubface to create a bigger sweet spot, while maintaining a forgiving result.

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Cleveland Launcher XL Halo Woods

The new fairways are among the best golf woods 2022 and get their XL name due to the fact that Cleveland have opted for a larger club head in the new range.

The big head has enable Cleveland to take the MOI to 3,338 g-cm² and make this an incredibly forgiving fairway option. In fact, the MOI is the highest Cleveland have managed to take any woods.

The weight in the XL Halo is low and deep to help improve forgiveness, while the CG is perfected thanks to a stepped crown which helps produce a high launch angle.

The face features alternating zones of flexibility and rigidity that work in harmony to increase ball speeds and distance, while an 8g weight in the grip helps balance the woods.

Cleveland have followed a similar design path to Cobra’s baffler rails by adding Gliderails to the sole to help keep the club face square through all turf conditions and improve balls striking.

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