Honma BERES Black Driver Review (PREMIUM Driver, HUGE Price)

The Honma BERES Black Driver has a eye-watering price tag.

The BERES Black is Honma’s most premium driver.

Honma BERES Black Driver

The Honma BERES Black driver is the premium design from the leading Japenese manufacturer. Is it really worth the hefty $1,149 price tag?

Party of a range that also includes fairway woods, utilities and irons, Honma lead no stone unturned when it comes to both design and craftsmanship that goes into the producing the BERES Black clubs.

Honma have plenty of high performing drivers in their range at affordable prices, but if you are looking for something that oozes class and your budget isn’t limited, the BERES is a thing of beauty.

In this article we take a look at what the BERES range is all about and whether or not you should even consider buying the Black Driver.

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What Honma says about the BERES Black Driver:

“BERES Driver is the most premium golf club brand in the world, designed in Sakata, Japan with strict adherence to Honma’s legendary quality and craftsmanship.

“BERES is for those who appreciate artistry and demand performance. It has a standard in master craftsmanship.

Honma BERES Black Driver

“Featuring a timeless design and built using precious metals, Beres clubs provide unparalleled beauty and can only be built by a Honma master craftsman. 

“It has a NEW Radial L-Cup Face, with NEW Triple Sole Slot, and NEW Ti811 Thin Crown Design combine to offer the very best in BERES speed, high-launch, low-spin performance with added draw bias for more forgiveness.

“By dividing the sole slot into three, it regains its shape instantly at impact, which maintains high repulsion performance and high strength, delivering greatly increased initial ball speed.

Honma BERES Black Driver

“Adopted L-CUP structure with high repulsion performance. Maintains a high CT value, and increases the repulsion area by avoiding any welding on the face.

“Optimal deflection/rebound of deflection occurs when hitting the ball. The synergistic effect with the L-CUP face and Radial structure delivers a bigger carry with a high trajectory, optimum spin, and increased repulsion.”

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Honma BERES Black Driver Specs & Design

The Honma BERES Black Driver is designed to offer speed, maximum distance and forgiveness in a stunning premium package.

One of the most expensive drivers on the market, the driver has a black finish with gold accents for a sleek and stylish appearance.

Honma BERES Black Driver

It isn’t just all about looks however, with Radial L-Cup Face and Triple Sole Slot technology introduced for explosive yet consistent ball speeds.

Honma have opted for a Ti811 thin crown, which reduces weight in the crown and allows for more weight to be redistributed for improved all round performance.

The Radial L-Cup Face technology is a new feature designed to maximize ball speed across the entire face of the club and maintain consistency from off center strikes.

Honma BERES Black Driver

The BERES Black also has a Triple Sole Slot, which also helps increase ball speed and forgiveness. It is particularly beneficial for shots hit low on the face.

The driver is available in three lofts of 9.5 degrees, 10.5 degrees and 11.5 degrees, which are adjustable via the hosel, and a variety of shafts options and flexes.

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Verdict: Is the Honma BERES Black Driver worth the money?

The BERES driver isn’t a mass market purchase. This is a model that is about having something relatively unique and the price tag reflects that.

If you are on a budget, consider the TW757 driver, XP-1 driver or TR20 driver as they are still top performers and jam-packed with technology.

The BERES Black has everything thrown at it to produce the kind of performance you would expect for the price. But it is out of the range of the vast majority of golfers.


How much does the Honma BERES Black driver cost?

The Honma BERES Driver currently retails at $1,149.

What are the Honma BERES Black driver specs?

The driver is available in three lofts of 9.5 degrees, 10.5 degrees and 11.5 degrees with a variety of shafts options and flexes.

What has changed with BERES vs BERES Black?

The Black models carry all the same technology, just with a sleek black appearances and styling. Honma have also launched an Aizu range too.