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Home » Honma XP-1 Driver Review (AFFORDABLE & Long)

Honma XP-1 Driver Review (AFFORDABLE & Long)

Honma XP-1 Driver

The Honma XP-1 driver has been launched as an affordable alternative to the TW747, and it looks set for a bright future.

The XP-1s, which also feature woods, irons and hybrids, are part of the T//World range but significantly are being aimed at everyday golfers as they join the premium TW747 driver in the Honma collection.

Japanese manufacturer Honma believe they have come up with a high-performing driver at a price point that will appeal to a mass market of golfers who are seeking a new big stick to add to the bag.

What Honma says about the XP-1 driver…

“The new T//WORLD XP-1 range looks and performs like no other game improvement set of clubs on the market,” Alejandro Sanchez, General Manager of Honma Golf Europe, said.

“Recreational golfers who want to up their game should take a serious look at these clubs, as they represent the latest entry level into the premium quality that stands behind the Honma brand.”

Honma’s marketing of the driver adds: “The XP-1 driver is a beautifully fast, full-profile driver with a highly responsive Honma VIZARD shaft holistically designed with a game-improving head to provide the golfer with straight, effortless distance.”

Honma XP-1 Driver

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Honma XP-1 Driver Design

The XP-1 range has been created with a draw bias to help extract maximum distance and offer the type of forgiveness golfers are looking for to lower spin levels and minimise wayward shots.

Honma have focused on increasing swing speed, producing a higher launch trajectory and generating an impressive feel across from the Honma XP-1 driver.

The XP-1 driver features the thinnest carbon crown and looks incredibly attractive with a combination of black outer and a silver face and sweeping sole design.

Honma have come up with an innovative Double Slot Sole on the club head to help add more accuracy, doing so by creating flexing on both the heel and toe to produce those lower spin levels.

The face also flexes upon impact, and Honma have come up with Five Fang Technology, a unique design of tabs on the crown and sole to help strengthen the face further.

Honma’s “Non-Rotating System” of adjustability is present in the design to provide adjustability for loft, lie and face angle. They achieve that without rotating the shaft during the process.

Verdict: Is the Honma XP-1 Driver any good?

As far a looks go, the XP-1 driver is a winner. The stunning black gives it a true classic look, especially when combined with the silver of the face and sole.

The performance is good too with Honma’s research and development team working hard to provide more forgiveness than ever before in a driver, without adding any gimmicks to achieve it.

Available at a much more affordable price than the TW747 driver, fans of the brand will really be impressed by this driver.

The XP-1 driver is a mid-market option from a price point but it delivers a premium performance and could be a game-improver if you are looking to find more fairways and add distance to your game from the tee.

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