Honma BERES Black Irons Review (Maximum SPEED & Forgiveness)

The BERES Black Irons are a premium product from Honma.

Honma BERES Black Irons

Honma BERES Black irons are a special design offering a stylish look and feel, while delivering maximum speed and forgiveness in equal measure.

A premium production from Honma along with the BERES Black driver, the irons are forged with a top class design for high levels of performance.

Honma have introduced an L-Cup design, an ultra thin face, a low centre of gravity, thicker sole in this model and a high launch throughout the set than to a progressive cavity.

We take a look at the design features of the BERES Black irons, how they perform and whether they are worth the hefty price tag.

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What Honma says about the BERES Black Irons:

“Featuring a wide L-Cup Design utilizing new ultra-thin face which uses vertical slits specifically arranged to improve the strength of the face insert to allow for maximum speed and forgiveness.

“Coupled with one external and two internal sole slots, as well as a low-deep center of Gravity, BERES Irons are easy to launch high with strong carry distance.

“High repulsion performance due to the 3D L-Cup structure and sole slots improve the initial ball speed. A thicker sole design ensures the ultra-low center of gravity to deliver a high launch angle.

“The inside and outside sole slots generate high repulsion, and the outside toe slot provides high repulsion performance on off center strikes at toe end.

“By enlarging the lower part of the cavity, an increased deep low CG design is realised. By progressively changing the cavity design by loft, the ideal trajectory for each club is achieved.”

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Honma BERES Black Iron Specs & Design

Honma BERES Black Irons

Honma BERES Black Irons

Honma BERES Black Irons

Honma BERES Black Irons


How much does the Honma BERES Black Irons cost?

The Honma BERES Black Iron currently retails at $499 per irons.

What are the BERES Black irons specs?

The BERES Black irons are available in 5-iron (21 degrees) to Sand Wedge (55 degrees). There is also a 10 and 11-iron in the range in place of a pitching wedge.