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Rife RX5 Deluxe Rangefinder Review

Rife RX5 Deluxe Rangefinder

The Rife RX5 Deluxe Rangefinder is the premium distance measuring device from the manufacturer. How does it compare to the RX4 rangefinder?

When looking for the exact distance to a flagstick or hazard, it can be difficult to know just how far away it is.

Rife’s RX5 Deluxe Rangefinder makes that easier than ever before, but significantly with a far more attractive price tag than some of the more better known brands on the market.

What Rife says about the RX5 Deluxe Rangefinder:

“Gain a competitive edge when playing golf, with the RX5 laser rangefinder. Sleek in design with an LCD display which provides highly accurate distance calculations to within 0.5m of distance.

“The rangefinder has power and measurement buttons and an eyepiece adjuster to give you clear and precise 6 x magnification performance.

“The rangefinder has an extensive range of targeting skills, offering flagpole lock, point to point readings as well as vertical height.

Rife RX5 Deluxe Rangefinder

“This highly accurate laser device gives you the confidence to select the right club with slope adjusted measurement calculations on an angled switch if required.

“This information can all be displayed in yards or meters on a external LCD display to give you a better understanding of readings.”

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Rife RX5 Deluxe Rangefinder Design & Features

This rangefinder has laser accurate distance because it features a very precise laser emitting lens and a receiver that both work together to produce an amazing range.

The Rife RX5 Deluxe Rangefinder is a Class-1 Laser Product and is accurate to a distance of about half-a-metre from the desired target thanks to a six-time magnification lens.

The modes include slope compensation with slope adjustment built in. If you are looking up an incline or down a decline, this product will still be able to produce accurate results for you.

Rife RX5 Deluxe Rangefinder

The Rife rangefinder includes a choice of yards or metres for easy-to-understand distances.

The RX5’s estimated distance are viewable on an external LCD screen, but the device is small enough to fit inside any pocket of your golf bag.

It is only available in black, and comes with an adjustable eyepiece and external display.

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Verdict: Is the Rife RX5 Deluxe Rangefinder any good?

This kind of product is mainly about club selection and about gaining an advantage by hitting the right club for the conditions.

Rife’s RX5 certainly helps achieve that with distances to within 0.5 metres – whether that is the flagstick, a hazard or a measurement you have needed before taking your shot.

It isn’t as accurate as some of the more costly rangefinders on the market, but you get good value for money with this version. You certainly should be out with the clubbing on the course.


How much does the Rife RX5 Deluxe Rangefinder cost?

This product costs about £130 / $173.

What colours does the Rife RX5 Rangefinder come in?

It is sold only in black.

Does the Rife RX5 Deluxe Rangefinder cost have slope compensation?

Yes, slope compensation is one of the modes available when using the RX5.