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Home » Seed SD-01 Golf Balls Review (The Pro One)

Seed SD-01 Golf Balls Review (The Pro One)

Seed SD-01 Golf Balls Review

Seed SD-01 golf balls are one of the company’s best sellers, offering a cheaper option to elite level balls. Do they deliver the goods?

The SD-01 is one of five balls from Seed, joining the SD-X1, SD-02, SD-05 and SD-15, and is known as The Pro One.

That’s because this three-piece model is a top-level performer that offers similar qualities to the Titleist ProV1 or TaylorMade TP5 – just at a cheaper price point.

We tested the latest third generation SD-01, check out the performance compared to our usual choice when it comes to distance, feel and control and detail what we found.

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Seed SD-01 Golf Ball Design & Features

The SD-01 ball is known as The Pro One and Seed Golf liken the performance of their number one ball to that of a Titleist ProV1 or TaylorMade TP5.

The SD-01 is a three-piece ball with a cast urethane cover featuring a 336-dimple pattern. The cover has been made thinner than ever in the third gen version.

Seed SD-01 Golf Ball

Now in the third generation design, the new and improved SD-01 has been optimised the perfect blend of distance, feel and short game spin.

It offers distance from the tee thanks to the larger SeedSpeed core in the latest design, while the feel and spin comes from the thinner, more responsive mantle layer and the new urethane cover formulation.

The SD-01 ball is available in both White and Yellow AF colour options with a black alignment line.

There is also The Jack version of the ball, which has two circles on each side of the ball to help with alignment on the greens.

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Seed SD-01 Golf Balls Review: Are they any good?

All of the Seed balls offer value for money alternatives to some of the best brands, and that certainly applies to the SD-01.

It is taking on the big players in the sector, but we found them to perform very well and stand up to what we needed.

You will find the distance relatively comparable to the likes of the Pro V1, spin levels to be good from tee to green and the ball to be very reactive on approach play too. All-in-all, they are worth the money.


How much do Seed SD-01 Golf Balls cost?

They are sold at £30 per dozen.

Are Seed SD-01 golf balls legal for tournament play?

Yes. The balls are on the conforming list of the USGA and R&A and fully legal for competition play.

Which is the best Seed golf ball?

All five models are impressive, offering various options of firmness and spin levels. The SD-01, SD-X1 and SD-02 are for better players while the SD-05 and SD-15 are more mass market offerings.

What Seed says about the SD-01 golf ball:

“The new SD-01. As good as anything out there, at a price everyone can afford. This ones the perfect combination of distance, feel and short game spin.

“The new, 3rd Generation SD-01 is a refinement of the original SD-01 design and sees improvements through the bag.

“USGA & R&A test results show this to be the longest Seed we’ve ever produced, maxing out at 306 yards.

“Enhanced overall performance by improving ball speed, increase in distance through the bag and an improved softer feel for more responsiveness off the club (particularly the shorter clubs and putter).

To do all that we developed one of thinnest urethane covers in golf, at just 0.0275″ thick (ProV1 is 0.0300″ by comparison) and a new, faster core that we’ve dubbed SeedSpeed.”