Wilson Staff D7 Driver Review

The Wilson D7 driver comes with three separate loft options

The D7 is a value for money driver that outperforms the price tag.

Wilson Staff D7 Driver

The Wilson Staff D7 driver is a value for money option that suits golfers of a variety of abilities. GolfReviewsGuide.com finds out what to expect.

Wilson is a brand more associated with irons and wedges rather than drivers. However, the D7 driver has plenty to off golfers of all abilities.

Varying loft degrees and a lightweight feel are the main features of the Wilson D7 driver and both help to provide a smooth transition from the clubface through the ball.

The size of the clubhead also gives confidence, especially for less experienced players, when addressing the ball. It is designed with a modern look and pattern to add an element of style.

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What Wilson says about the D7 driver:

“Advanced materials and a streamlined design create a driver with performance to spare. [K]omposite Crown delivers exceptional sound and feel.

“Simplified, Superlight design allows for greater ball speeds and maximum distance off the tee. Dynamic Launch Control puts the weight where it’s needed most.

Wilson Staff D7 Driver

“Crafted with advanced materials and a streamlined design for effortless distance.

“Wilson Staff D7 driver has been engineered with advanced materials and streamlined shape to give you the best possible distance performance.”

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Wilson Staff D7 Driver Features & Design

The Superlight Design made from a composite crown – named [K]omposite Crown by Wilson – makes for a lightweight driver and helps increase ball speeds.

Weighing just 192-grams, the driver has been made from a combination of Kevlar and carbon fibre to increase the amount of speed generated through the clubface.

Wilson Staff D7 Driver

This multi-layer technology also provides an impactful sound and smooth feel through the ball.

A Dynamic Launch Control gives a higher loft to the D7 driver and weight is placed towards the back of the heel to provide a high launch angle.

Three weight placements are available in the D7, with the 9 degree loft option providing a more penetrative flight with weight at the front of the heel.

The 10.5 degree standard loft has the weight positioned in the middle of the driver head. In the 13 degree loft, more weight is placed at the back of the heel with no adjustability available.

Wilson Staff D7 Driver

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Wilson Staff D7 Driver Verdict

Wilson have combined some of the lightest materials possible in the construction of the D7 to help players either improve their swing with a driver or to gain maximum power.

This is a seriously impressive driver at the price point with much more performance gains that you should expect for this outlay.

The three weighting options make the Wilson D7 an ideal driver to add to the bag of golfers of all abilities.


How much does the Wilson Staff D7 cost?

The driver is available between £215/$300 and £239/$330 depending on the retailer.

Is the D7 driver available for left-handed players?

Most retailers offer both left-handed and right-handed versions of the D7, although not all stock left-handed models.

Can you adjust the loft on the Wilson Staff D7 driver?

No. Instead, three versions of the driver are available with 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees and 13.5 degrees models.