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Best Golf Drivers 2022 (TOP ranked new drivers)

Callaway Epic Speed Driver

Looking for a new driver to take into the new season? The best golf drivers 2022 have been picked out – but how will each help improve your game?

We’ve taken a look at some options that could be added to your bag for 2022 and help you reduce your handicap or help you find more fairways than ever before.

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1. Titleist TSR Drivers
2. TaylorMade Stealth, Stealth HD & Stealth Plus Drivers
3. Cobra LTDx Drivers
4. Callaway Rogue ST Drivers
5. Mizuno STG-200 Drivers
6. PXG 0311 GEN5 Drivers

Titleist TSR Drivers

Titleist TSR drivers are new for 2022 with the series featuring three drivers – the TSR2, TSR3 and TSR4 – as successors to the popular TSi range of drivers and TS2, TS3 and TS4 drivers.

They boast a new head shape, greater speed off the club face, more distance and the promise of “amazing forgiveness” compared to Titleist’s previous driver models.

Titleist TSR Drivers

The TSR2 driver is the high-launching, low spinning model of the trio. Titleist have built the TSR2, which replaces the TSi2, for maximum speed and distance and that’s what it delivers on.

The TSR3 is the players’ choice, with this driver all about precision and accuracy from the tee and aimed at golfers with a consistent impact location off the face.

The TSR4 driver is the smallest of the three models in terms of head shape with a refined 430cc clubhead in a more compact look. The driver is all about low spin and reducing excessive spin in your game.

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TaylorMade Stealth, Stealth HD & Stealth Plus Drivers

The new TaylorMade Stealth driver, Stealth HD driver and Stealth Plus driver are new for 2022 as a successor to the hugely popular TaylorMade SIM 2 drivers.

The Stealth drivers broke cover for the first time when used by 15-time major winner Tiger Woods during the PNC Championship and were then released in early 2022.

The Stealth driver and Stealth HD (High Draw) driver include the Speedpocket, fixed weight at the back of the sole and Twist Face Technology which were all part of the SIM 2 range.

TaylorMade Stealth Driver

The big difference is that the new Stealth are a “carbonwood” rather than a metal wood. TaylorMade have gone to a full carbon club head with the crown now joined by a “60X Carbon Twist Face” composite club face.

The Stealth Plus+ model is the more adjustable of the two drivers with a 10g adjustable weight that allows this driver to be set up on a sliding scale from draw to fade and replaces the SIM 2 Max and SIM 2 Max D.

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Cobra LTDx Drivers

Cobra King LTDx drivers are new for 2022 and feature three models in the LTDx, LTDx LS and LTD Max.

The LTDX drivers are the Longest Total Distance yet from Cobra with a PWR-COR Technology designed central to unlocking more ball speed and distance than in any previous driver.

The LTDx driver is the standard model in the range. It includes weight positioned directly behind the hitting zone to increase speed of the reengineered club face to reduce spin and increase distance.

The LS model of the LTDx driver is the low spin version with weight positioned even further forward than the standard model for the lowest amount of spin and more forgiveness.

The LTDx LS driver is the most workable of the three models and boasts a high straight ball flight to help cure a slice.

The LTDx Max driver is the draw-bias version of the range with weighting positioned towards the heel and back to create shot shaping.

Two sole weights of 10g and 3g allow you do adjust the amount of draw from the Max driver. With the 10g weight positioned back, the Max produces up to five yards of draw, while it is up to 11 yards with the heavier weight in the heel.

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Callaway Rogue ST Drivers

Callaway Rogue ST drivers are new for 2022 with four models in the new range – the Max, Max D, Max LS and Triple Diamond LS.

All four feature Callaway’s Jailbreak Speed Frame and Artificial Intelligence Flash Face, and they are now joined by a Tungsten Speed Cartridge in the new Rogues.

The Max is what Callaway describe as the standard version of the driver and built to be an ideal choice for golfers of all abilities.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver

The Max D driver is largely similar to the Max, but this model has a significant draw bias and a stretched profile to help eradicate the dreaded slice from your game.

The Max LS driver is the low spin option in the range and designed to produce a piercing trajectory and neutral ball flight for maximum distance.

This Triple Diamond LS driver is very similar in profile and performance to the LS, but features Callaway’s Triple Diamond club head which is a more compact 450cc option.

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Mizuno STG-200 Drivers

The Mizuno STG-220 driver has just one model but features three adjustable tracks and two weights to create a number of different setup options.

The ST-G 220 can be using adjusted using what Mizuno call the X and Y axis to create a driver with draw, fade or neutral bias as well as adjusted from a central track to provide a low, medium or high ball flight.

Mizuno ST-G 220 Driver

In total there are eight loft settings to add further to the adjustability of the ST-G 220, while two 8G weights can be positioned in any of the tracks to suit ball shape and trajectory.

The club face is made from a beta-rich titanium and has 8% more flexibility than in previous models. It produces impressive ball speeds even from off-centre strikes.

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PXG 0311 GEN5 Drivers

The PXG 0311 GEN5 drivers are the fifth generation and are new for 2022 with two models in the latest design – the 0311 and the 0311 XF.

Both models deliver more ball speed, distance and forgiveness than in any previous PXG model with the 0311 a low-spin model and then XF a mid-spin design.

The standard 0311 model has a traditional club head shape, is suited to golfers of all abilities and produces an optimal trajectory and ball flight and fast ball speeds off a tall and deep face.

The 0311 GEN5 XF driver differs from the standard model in the design of the head with this model having a large, long face and expanded hitting zone.

The XF is the more forgiving of the two models, particularly on off-centre ball strikes, thanks to a 6% higher MOI than the 0311 GEN5.

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