XXIO 12 Ladies Driver Review (ENHANCED Distance & Forgiveness)

The XXIO 12 driver is available in a specific Ladies design model

XXIO have released a ladies specific version of the 12 driver.

XXIO 12 Ladies Driver

The XXIO 12 ladies driver is new model released in 2022 and specifically aimed at lady golfers. It is ultra light option and helps maximise distance, forgiveness and ball speed.

XXIO have come up with a ladies’ version of the entire XXIO 12 series, which features driver, fairway woods, hybrids and irons, and made them as light as possible.

In this article, we review the XXIO 12 driver for ladies, look at how it adds distance to your game, improves accuracy and helps increase forgiveness too.

What XXIO says about the 12 Ladies Driver:

“Enjoy enhanced distance and forgiveness off the tee box without having to increase your normal swing speed.

“Meet the brand-new XXIO 12 Ladies Driver, a remarkably ultralight weight driver carefully tuned to produce more power and more accuracy for moderate swing speed golfers.

XXIO 12 Ladies Driver

“These clubs aren’t just light as air – they harness it. With enhanced aerodynamics on new XXIO 12 Ladies Woods, airflow bends to your will as you swing, guiding you on to effortless speed and purer strikes.

“By manipulating airflow – like the wings of an airplane – ActivWing improves aerodynamics at the start of your downswing to stabilize the clubhead and tighten your impact pattern.

“The subtle forces generated by the airfoil shape won’t slow you down, but they’re just strong enough to correct face angle and improve contact. Which, in turn, reduces slice and puts more shots directly on the sweet spot.”

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XXIO 12 Ladies Driver Design & Features

XXIO have taken the new 12 driver and introduced a women’s version of it. It has all the same technologies, just with a design for the specific needs of female golfers.

The overall weight of the new 12 model driver to allow easy swinging and turn it into maximum ball speed.

XXIO 12 Ladies Driver

This driver boasts enhanced aerodynamics with one of the key design elements the ActivWing feature for improved airflow around the crown to help increase ball speed.

The ActivWing and airfoil shape manipulates airflow similar to the wings of an aeroplane, providing stability through the downswing to ensure the clubface meets the ball square on impact.

The design tightens impact area on the face, makes finding the sweet spot easier and reduces the amount of slice imparted on the ball.

The driver also featured Rebound Frame technology with four alternating layers of stiff and flexible zones behind the face. The flex zones work like a spring to transfer energy into the ball for more speed and distance.

XXIO 12 Ladies Driver

To face itself boasts Cup Face technology with varying degrees of thickness of Titanium to ensure ball speeds are not impacted by off-centre strikes.

The XXIO ladies driver is available in 10.5 degrees and 11.5 degrees in regular graphite and and 11.5 degrees, 12.5 degrees and 13.5 degrees loft in the ladies shaft options.

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Verdict: Is the XXIO 12 Ladies Driver any good?

The XXIO 12 driver made a big impression this year and it is a welcoming site to see a lady specific design launched too.

As with the men’s version, it is not cheap but it is packed with technology to help you find more fairways, add distance from the tee and get more speed without swinging faster.

The combination of technology design elements all help you improve your driving accuracy and there is a lot to like about this ladies version of the driver.


What is the XXIO 12 Ladies Driver release date?

The new 12 ladies driver is being released for general sale in March, 2022.

How much does the XXIO Ladies Driver cost?

XXIO’s new driver is being sold at $699 / £530 – the same price as the men’s model.

What are the XXIO 12 driver specs?

The driver is available in 10.5 degrees and 11.5 degrees in regular graphite and and 11.5 degrees, 12.5 degrees and 13.5 degrees loft in the ladies shaft options.