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Best Golf Courses in Italy

Italian Open Marco Simone Golf Club

Looking to play the best golf courses in Italy? picks out the top courses to play in Italy.

Italy is on the Mediterranean and, as such, it has a climate known to be hot and dry in the summertime with chilly and rainy winters.

There is some variance as the country stretches over 700 miles from north to south, however, golfers should not generally expect courses to be open all year round.

In the shortlist below of the best golf courses in Italy, there are a fair share of courses that are resort and public courses. That makes Italy a little more tourist-friendly for golfers relative to a lot of other nations.

Marco Simone Golf and Country Club

The Course Campionato at the Marco Simone Golf and Country Club is located 10 miles from Rome’s city center in Italy.

The public/resort course was built in the late 1980s, Jim Fazio and David Mezzacane were the designers, and the total length for the par-72 course is 6,937 yards.

In addition to the 18-hole course, Fazio and Mezzacane designed a par-32 9-hole course at the resort.

The host of the 2023 Ryder Cup as well as the Italian Open, golfers should expect a distinguished course that has some parkland features but the course is also wide open in other areas.

Royal Park Roveri Golf Club

The Trent Jones Course (also known as the Allianz Course) is located at the Royal Park Roveri Golf Club in the greater Turin area of Italy.

Robert Trent Jones Sr. and Les Furber Design built the course in 1971. In modern times, it is a par-72 venue at a total length of 7,181 yards.

The public course, which is of the parkland/woodland style, is located in La Mandria Natural Park and it is one of the finest clubs in all of Italy.

The club, which is in the Italian Alps, has hosted the Italian Open in the past (2009 to 2012).

Expect lots of trees, lots of water, and distant mountain views as you golf at this amazing course that has made a huge impression on the Italian golf scene over the decades.

Acqua Santa Golf Club

Nestled in the southeast of Rome, the Acqua Santa Golf Club‘s golf course is a par-71 venue at a length of 6,402 yards.

The semi-private course was built in 1903, making it the oldest course to make our list for best golf courses in Italy.

This is a course that is considered to be difficult. Golfers will have to navigate hilly terrain and tough holes.

The club is complete with services added to the course. There is a driving range, a putting green, a restaurant/bar, an outdoor pool, and a golf shop.

Bogogno Golf Resort

The Bonora Course in Bogogno opened and is 7,095 yards and a par-72 is located at the Bogogno Golf Resort.

A public/resort course of the parkland-style with natural streams and woodlands, Robert Von Hagge, Mike Smelek and Rick Baril were the designers of this course.

The golf resort has a second course, known as The Conte Course.

Villa d’Este Golf Club

There aren’t a lot of par-69 courses around when it comes to premium golfing lists. However, the golf course at the Villa d’Este Golf Club has a par set at that many strokes.

A relatively short course, the total length is just 6,331 yards for this historical course, one that was first designed in 1926.

Peter Gannon, who designed a handful of golf courses in Italy, was the architect for this course, one that is located near the lake of Montorfano.

The course, which is surrounded by trees, has an extended season. It is open from March until December.