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Home » Best Golf Vests, Gilets & Bodywarmers (Stay WARM This Winter)

Best Golf Vests, Gilets & Bodywarmers (Stay WARM This Winter)

Best Golf Vests, Gilets & Bodywarmers

Looking to stay warm on the course this winter? Don’t like wearing restrictive clothing? Check out the best golf body vests, gilets and bodywarmers.

Insulation, breathability, water resistance and mobility are all key considerations to consider when choosing a new golf gilet or vest.

Do you opt for a padded bodywarmer or gilet or a thinner vest to go over the top of your clothing. It all boils down to personal choice and apparel that allows you to swing normally without feeling like you have too many layers.

We’ve picked out our favourite options for the best golf vests on the market to tailor for all needs. You can also get the best golf waterproofs, winter golf shoes, golf baselayers and golf gloves.

FootJoy Men’s Hydrolite Quilted Vest

FootJoy Quilted Vest

FootJoy is a trusted name in golf apparel, and their Hydrolite Quilted Vest offers excellent insulation and freedom of movement.

It combines style, warmth and flexibility, is water-resistant and lightweight and makes a great choice for winter golf.

The quilted design not only provides insulation but also enhances the vest’s aesthetics.

With a water-resistant finish, it shields you from unexpected drizzles on the course. It’s remarkably lightweight and allows for unrestricted movement during your swing.

FootJoy’s reputation for quality and durability ensures this vest is a long-term investment in your golf wardrobe.

Under Armour Storm Daytona Vest

Under Armour Storm Daytona Vest

Under Armour is popular for its athletic wear, and the Storm Daytona Vest lives up to the brand’s reputation.

It’s designed to repel water, making it an ideal choice for damp, wintry rounds, while maintaining breathability and mobility over the top of a golf jumper.

What sets it apart is its breathability – you stay warm without feeling stuffy. The lightweight construction and freedom of movement make it a top choice for golfers who demand high-performance apparel.

Under Armour’s dedication to innovation and quality is evident in every aspect of this vest.

Ping Norse PrimaLoft Vest

Ping Norse PrimaLoft Vest

Ping is another trusted name in golf apparel and the Norse PrimaLoft Vest is made with PrimaLoft insulation keep you comfortable and warm in cold conditions.

It is lightweight, warm and water-resistant to cover you for all bases of what the winter weather could throw at you on the course.

The Norse PrimaLoft Vest is an exceptional choice for golfers seeking warmth and protection in chilly conditions as it is renowned for it’s efficient heat retention.

The vest’s water-resistant properties ensure you stay dry even in light rain, yet it still accommodates the full range of motion through your golf swing.

Galvin Green Insula Lite Vest

Galvin Green Insula Vest

Known for its premium golf apparel, Galvin Green’s Insula Lite Vest provides excellent insulation without hindering your swing.

The Insula Lite Vest features advanced insulation technology, providing excellent warmth without compromising breathability.

The fabric is designed to be breathable and moisture-wicking, keeping you comfortable during your round.

Galvin Green is known for designing golf apparel that allows for a full range of motion, ensuring that the vest doesn’t restrict your swing.

Nike Golf Therma Repel Vest

Nike Therma Repel Vest

Nike’s Therma Repel Vest is sleek and sporty and design, but is crafted with innovative materials to keep you warm and dry.

Nike’s Therma fabric is a standout feature, providing effective insulation to keep you warm in cooler conditions.

The Therma Repel Vest includes water-repellent technology, making it suitable for light rain or drizzle on the golf course.

Nike’s attention to design ensures that the vest is not only functional but also stylish, meeting the aesthetic preferences of many golfers.

Adidas Golf Frostguard Insulated Vest

Adidas Frostguard Insulated Vest

Adidas is a trusted name in sports apparel and the Frostguard Insulated Vest is delivers the kind of warmth without sacrificing flexibility that you come to expect.

The Frostguard Insulated Vest utilizes Climaheat insulation technology from Adidas, ensuring optimal heat retention without sacrificing flexibility.

Adidas is known for creating golf apparel that caters to the dynamic movements of golf swings, and this vest is no exception.

FootJoy Men’s Lightweight Softshell Vest

Footjoy Lightweight Softshell Vest

FootJoy’s Lightweight Softshell Vest is ideal for golfers who want protection from the wind without feeling weighed down.

It provides excellent wind resistance while remaining breathable. The softshell fabric ensures flexibility and comfort.

Despite its wind-resistant properties, the softshell fabric remains breathable, ensuring comfort during physical activity.

As suggested by its name, the vest is lightweight, avoiding any feeling of bulkiness that might hinder your movements.

Puma Golf PWRWARM Reversible Vest

Puma Golf PWRWARM Reversible Vest 2

Puma’s PWRWARM Reversible Vest is a versatile option, allowing you to switch up your look while providing warmth.

Puma’s PWRWARM technology is a key feature, designed to retain body heat and keep you warm during colder rounds.

The reversible aspect adds versatility to your golf wardrobe, allowing you to change up your look while still enjoying the benefits of the vest.

Puma’s emphasis on style ensures that the vest is not just functional but also adds a fashionable touch to your golf ensemble.