Callaway Apex MB Irons Review

Apex MB irons are more playable than any other Callaway blade

Callaway Apex MB Irons

In the Callaway Apex MB irons, the leading manufacturer has come up with stunning high-performing tour-quality muscleback that have been inspired by tour stars.

First launched in 2018, the Apex MB have been a popular choice of golfers of a high-level who are either looking to try out blades for the first time or find an iron to improve their game even more.

Callaway have worked on optimising the centre of gravity in the Apex MB irons and providing more control that ever before in muscleback blades.

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What Callaway say about the Apex MB irons:

“Callaway Apex Muscleback Irons are true musclebacks inspired by the Tour and suited for the best of the best players.

“The world’s best players provided extensive feedback to help make this a true muscleback iron.

“This is a classic shape and style, with a traditional, slightly thinner topline, and a beautiful bright chrome finish in our smallest blade head shape. And we’ve advanced our CG positioning to optimize the CG for outstanding control.

“This players iron was engineered for a remarkably soft feel that Tour players want, with the exact craftsmanship and precision they expect – only achieved through our premium forging process.”

Callaway Apex MB Irons Review

The Apex MB irons are an updated version of Callaway’s classic muscle backs released back in 2014, and they have certainly made some improvements in finding performance gains.

Callaway Apex MB Irons

There is slight difference to the design with a muscle back weighting in the heel and toe of the club head, helping to increased MOI and offer a little more forgiveness that in previous versions.

The Apex MB blades are all about the feel the forged 1025 carbon steel irons provide, and that is in abundance with an advanced CG, slightly thinner topline and chrome finish helping to improve the playability of the irons from any lie.

There are 20V precision grooves built in to the club head, which is the small blade head shape Callaway have come up with, to promote a high level of control and consistent spin that muscleback players expect out of any playing conditions. The 20V grooves also help reduce fliers from the rough to deliver even more control.

The Apex MB Irons come as a 4-iron through to PW. There are also three other clubs that can be added to the bag, a 2-iron, 3-iron and an approach wedge (AW).

Callaway Apex MB Irons

Callaway Apex MB Irons Verdict

The Apex MB irons aren’t just for any golfer, they are aimed at the very best players who want to extract maximum control from their irons.

As a muscleback, they aren’t forgiving like a cavity back. Whilst Callaway have made improvements with the forgivenes, the Apex MBs are all about playability, shot shaping and that control we mentioned.

They are incredibly pleasing on the eye and an impressive performer too, more so from any lie than in previous versions of Callaway blades. If you’re a high-class player and in the market for new musclebacks, we’d recommended test out the Apex MB irons.

Callaway Apex MB Irons

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Are the Callaway Apex MB irons blades?

The Apex MB musclebacks are blades. They are aimed at better golfers who are looking for playability. The irons are made from forged 1025 carbon steel.

What are the Callaway Apex MB irons specs?

Name LoftAvailabilityStandard LengthLieOffsetSwing Weight
#2 18°RH / LH39.50"59.50°0.130D2
#320.5°RH / LH39.00"60.00°0.125D2
#423°RH / LH38.50"60.50°0.120D2
#526°RH / LH38.00"61.00°0.110D2
#630°RH / LH37.50"61.50°0.100D2
#734°RH / LH37.00"62.00°0.090D2
#838°RH / LH36.50"62.50°0.080D2
#942°RH / LH36.00"63.00°0.070D2
PW47°RH / LH35.75"63.50°0.065D2
AW51°RH / LH35.50"63.50°0.065D2

How much do the Callaway Apex MB irons cost?

The Callaway Apex MBs do sit at the higher end of the market, but price varies from retailer to retailer. You can find the best prices available for Apex MB irons here.