Callaway Apex MB ’24 Irons Review (NEW Muscle Back Irons)

The MB 24 model is the most compact iron in the Apex series

The MB irons are Callaway’s most workable blades.

Callaway Apex MB 24 Irons

Callaway Apex MB 24 irons are the latest generation of the muscle back model. How do they compare vs the Apex MB ’21?

Launched in August 2023 along with new Apex Pro, Apex CB, Apex UT and Apex UW, the MB ’24 irons are the upgraded version of the hugely popular Apex ’21 range of irons.

Callaway have made some changes to their most compact blade to extract even more all-round performance from the stylish muscle backs.

We take a look at the changes, how they benefit your game and what you can expect from the new 2024 model.

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What Callaway says about the Apex MB ’24 Irons:

“The new Apex MB Irons are developed for the absolute best in the game who are looking for a high level of performance in a modern Tour blade.

“With our Dynamic Sole Design, it provides more efficient turf interaction, enhanced workability, and the classic feel that elite players expect.

“The Apex MB body and face are forged as one-piece in a proprietary forging process from 1025 carbon steel, creating the purest feeling iron imaginable.

“A progressive CG throughout the set improves trajectory control. The long irons feature a lower CG that promotes towering shots that land soft into greens while the short irons utilize a higher CG for a lower trajectory with more spin for added control.

“These irons feature a dual chamfer on the leading edge to cut through the turf more efficiently. A trailing edge chamfer provides relief from the turf after contact for enhanced feel. This Dynamic Sole Design maintains speed through the turf and promotes consistent contact on all shots.”

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Callaway Apex MB ’24 Irons Specs & Features

The Apex MB 24 irons have been tweaked to make these stunning new blades more workable and playable than ever before.

The muscle backs are the purest blades in the Apex range, have the least offset, thinnest topline and sole but also have a longer clubhead length than the Pro irons.

The Apex MB blades offer incredible feel from the forged 1025 carbon steel face, which is consistent across the entire set – unlike in the Pro series.

Although they have the least amount of forgiveness of the Apex irons, the MBs do have a progressive CG throughout the set to produce the best trajectory from long iron to short approach play.

These irons have a dual chamfer design on the leading edge for better turf interaction and ball striking, while the Dynamic Sole Design also works in the same way on the trailing edge.

The MB model is available in 3-iron (20.5 degrees) to A-Wedge, which is also known as 11-iron and 50 degrees.

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Verdict: Are Callaway Apex MB ’24 Irons any good?

If you are good enough to play bladed irons, the new Apex MB muscle backs are up there with the best there is.

The new 2024 model of the MB irons have been tweaked rather than massively revamped but the changes have enhanced the feel of these top level performers.

The sole design is key to improved ball striking, as is the progressive CG, and the MB are set to be one of most popular tour-level irons.


What is the Callaway Apex ’24 irons release date?

The new irons were unveiled in August 2023 and are on sale.

How much do the Callaway Apex MB 24 irons cost?

The irons are available from $1505 per set of Muscle Back irons.

What are the Callaway Apex MB ’24 irons specs.

The MB model is available in 3-iron (20.5 degrees) to A-Wedge, which is also known as 11-iron and 50 degrees.