GolfBuddy Laser 1 Review

New rangefinder released by GolfBuddy

GolfBuddy Laser 1

The GolfBuddy Laser 1 rangefinder was launched in 2019 as one of three new distance measuring devices.

The Laser 1 was joined by the Laser 1S and the GolfBuddy Aim L10V when GolfBuddy unveiled their new and upgraded rangefinders, and there is a lot to like about all three options.

The Laser 1 is the most basic of the trio but still sits in the middle market area when it comes to cost, as does the Laser 1S.

GolfBuddy are pitching the rangefinder with the slogan “accurate, innovative and measurable”.

GolfBuddy Laser 1 Design

The GolfBuddy Laser 1 is instantly recognisable with a traditional rangefinder look to it, with a very attractive and sporty look to it.

The Laser 1 comes in a white, black and red colour scheme, and wouldn’t look out of place in the bag of any golfer – whether casual or a regular player.

The improved LCD screen, from previous versions, makes it easier than ever before to see the measurements provided.

GolfBuddy Laser 1

The six-times magnification also allows golfers to gain more accurate distances than ever before with Standard, Scan and Pin Finder target options available.

GolfBuddy have incorporated a vibration feature to confirm when the target has been read.

The Laser 1 rangefinder weighs just over 7 ounces and is small enough to fit in a trouser pocket or the side pocket of golf bags.

Laser 1 Rangefinder Verdict

GolfBuddy have done a great job with the next generation of rangefinders and the Laser 1 is a very impressive product.

Don’t be put off by the fact this is the cheapest of the trio of new devices, because there is serious technology at hand.

You get more accurate measurements than ever before and the three options to seek distances is an excellent feature, along with the vibration to confirm target.

If you are looking for a new rangefinder, give the Laser 1 serious consideration.

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