Pinhawk Single Length Irons Set Review

Pinhawk's Single Length irons offer consistency and feel

The entire set is the length of a standard 7-iron.

Pinhawk Single Length Irons

Pinhawk Single Length Irons have been designed to make you iron play more consistent. How do they work and what can you expect?

Like Cobra’s One Length range of irons, the Pinhawk irons have all been made to same as a standard 7-iron and are custom fit for your specific needs.

Designed to provide the same setup over the ball from long iron to wedges, the single length irons can add the consistency that has been missing from your game.

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What Pinhawk says about the Single Lengths:

“Are you a golfer who struggles with consistency? Do you wish all your irons were as easy to hit as a 7-iron?

“The Pinhawk Single Length Irons simplify the game by making all your irons feel and swing just like a 7-iron.

“The forgiving cavity back design and moderately oversized head fit a wide range of golfers. Custom made for you, with your choice of shafts, flex, length, and grips.

“One length. One Swing. A better way to play.”

Pinhawk Single Length Irons Design & Features

While Cobra One Length irons are hugely popular, particularly as they are used by Bryson DeChambeau, Pinhawk claim to have out single length irons on the map.

The Pinhawk Single Length irons all come using a standard 7-iron shaft (37 inches), but can also be purchased with 38-inch shafts (equivalent to a 5-iron) or 36.5-inch (equivalent to an 8-iron).

Pinhawk Single Length Irons

The single length irons have also been created with larger gaps between lofts, something Pinhawk believe helps create natural distance gapping in this product.

When it comes to the clubhead itself, Pinhawk have opted to incorporate extreme perimeter weighting into a marginally oversized cavity back iron, which helps provide maximum forgiveness.

The cavity isn’t overbearing on the eye from over the ball with the sole width moderate and a low offset across the range of irons for a traditional look at address.

The Pinhawk irons, which conform to USGA regulations and are legal, are available in 4-iron (20 degrees) to 9-iron (43 degrees). They are also available in pitching wedge (47 degrees), gap wedge (51 degrees), sand wedge (55 degrees) and lob wedge (59 degrees).

Pinhawk Single Length Irons

As well as the three shaft lengths, the irons can be purchased in a variety of flexes too and with grips of your choice.

Verdict: Are Pinhawk Single Length Irons any good?

Pinhawk are one of the originals when it comes to single length clubs, and they are still going strong despite the likes of Cobra now offering similar products.

The reason is down to a good set of irons, ones that perform well and the variation is shafts and flexes that aren’t readily available among other single length manufacturers.

You get exceptional distance out of the Pinhawks with the interesting loft gapping a key contributor and a very impressive feel too. If single lengths are your thing, Pinhawk should certainly come under consideration.


How much do Pinhawk Single Length irons cost?

The price of a set of six irons (5-iron to pitching wedge) is around £259 / $279 from most retailers. You can also purchase varied sets ranging from 4-iron to lob wedge.

Where can I buy Pinhawk golf irons?

The Single Length irons are available from a number of distributors in United States and Canada as well as selected outlets in Germany, Sweden, France, Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea.

What are the Pinhawk Single Length irons specs?

The irons are available from 4-iron (20 degrees) to 9-iron (43 degrees). They are also available in pitching wedge (47 degrees), gap wedge (51 degrees), sand wedge (55 degrees) and lob wedge (59 degrees).

The loft gaps in the Pinhawk irons are different to a standard set of clubs from most manufacturers.