PXG 0211 Hybrids Review (FORGIVING & Affordable Rescues)

The new 0211 hybrids are PXG's most affordable yet

Now more affordable than ever, the 0211 hybrids are new for 2022.

PXG 0211 Hybrids

PXG released the latest generation of their PXG 0211 hybrids in 2022 with a price point which undercuts almost every other major brand by a considerable amount.

PXG isn’t a company known for producing affordable clubs. In fact, they are one of the most expensive brands out there.

But times have changed and PXG have gone completely to the other end of the pricing spectrum with the 0211 range, which also features new versions of the driver, fairway woods and irons.

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What PXG says about the new 0211 hybrids for 2022:

“Approachable and advanced, PXG 0211 Hybrids feature a clean, classic design built from high-caliber materials.

“PXG 0211 Hybrids deliver high ball speeds, controlled spin rate, unbelievable distance, and an incredible sound and feel for a killer price – without sacrificing quality.

PXG 0211 Hybrids

“Made from high strength HT1770 stainless steel, the PXG 0211 Hybrid face is optimized for increased deflection to deliver insanely fast ball speeds.

“The squared face design also shifts the perimeter skirt more vertical, increasing the surface area to significantly boost forgiveness.

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PXG 0211 Hybrids Specs and Design

The PXG 0211 rescues have been designed with a few end goals in mind and they certainly deliver on most of them.

They promise higher ball speeds, controlled spin, unbelievable distance, outstanding sound and feel and excellent forgiveness.

PXG 0211 Hybrids

The stainless-steel high-speed, squared face offers increased deflection for insanely fast ball speeds while the optimised design shifts the perimeter skirt more vertical, increasing the area of forgiveness.

Robotic polishing ensures face thickness and face curvature are manufactured to design specs that maximize performance.

High modal frequency design methods have been used and with the testing PXG have managed to design a club with outstanding feel and sound.

The hybrids are quality, forgiving clubs that are suitable for mid to high handicappers. They come in 3-hybrid, 4-hybrid, 5-hybrid and 6-hybrid.

PXG 0211 Hybrids

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Verdict: Are the PXG 0211 Hybrids any good?

PXG have emerged as serious contenders for producing the best value for money clubs on the market with the new 0211 range.

These hybrids are high-performing and with a reduced price point they are able to take on some of golf’s major brands head-to-head.

The new 0211 rescues are easy to hit in all manner of situations and lies and inspire confidence. They will suit mid to high handicappers who may be struggling with their longer irons.


How much do the PXG 0211 hybrids cost?

Each PXG 0211 hybrid costs £160 $190. This is far less than the Ping G425 hybrids which retailed at $330 when first launched and the TaylorMade Stealth rescues, which were priced at $308.

What are the PXG 0211 hybrids specs?

The PXG 0211 hybrids are available in four different lofts: 3-hybrid (19 degrees), 4-hybrid (22 degrees), 5-hybrid (25 degrees) and 6-hybrid (28 degrees). Each loft comes in right and left-handed and multiple shaft flexes including Ladies, Senior, Regular, Stiff and Extra stiff.

There are numerous options when it comes to the make and model of shaft with six manufacturers to choose from. Customers also get the option of choosing and undersized, standard, midsize or oversized grip.

Is there anything different with the new PXG 0211 hybrids?

There is a lot of difference with the new PXG 0211s when compared to the previous generation.

The first difference is the look which is now a lot classier and sleeker. Gone is the two-tone crown that in truth looked a bit tacky and in its place is a beautiful black finish.

In terms of performance, the hybrids are on average 5.7 yards longer than their predecessor and the spin has reduced from 4324 RPM to 4110 RPM.