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Home » Ping G425 Hybrids Review (INNOVATIVE Facewrap & Spinsistency)

Ping G425 Hybrids Review (INNOVATIVE Facewrap & Spinsistency)

Ping G425 Hybrids

Ping G425 hybrids take innovation to the next level in the new 2021 release. We take a look at the feature of the new hybrids vs the G410 hybrids.

Replacing the G410 hybrids as Ping’s leading model, the G425 has been redesigned with two new innovations key with the inclusion of Facewrap and Spinsistency

The new G425 woods also feature the two technologies, which increase distance and produce consistent spin level. Also part of the G425 series are three new drivers, irons and crossovers.

We take a look at the design elements of the Ping G425 hybrids, how they can benefit your game and what you can expect to see add to your game with them in the bag.

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What Ping say about the G425 hybrids:

“Ping innovations Facewrap and Spinsistency combine to deliver greater distance and spin predictability so your approach shots reach greens and hold greens.

“A tungsten back weight on the extreme perimeter helps increase MOI for more stability and forgiveness.

Ping G425 Hybrids

“A complex face curvature modifies the roll profile, mainly low on the face where loft decreases, to bring more consistent spin performance and increase ball speed for added distance.

“The thin, high-strength maraging steel face wraps into the crown and sole to increase flexing for faster speeds that result in greater distance and high-launching shots.

“On the crown, a new 3-dot alignment feature (large dot in the middle) offers alignment guidance and inspires confidence at address.”

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Ping G425 Hybrids Specs & Design

Ping G425 hybrids are the successors to the G410 series and have been designed to improve performance, forgiveness and help bring out the best in your long game.

The rescues feature several new features, most notably Facewrap Technology, which is a thin, high-strength steel face that wraps around the crown and sole of the club.

Ping G425 Hybrids

Spinsistency has also been added with this new face technology helping to ensure consistent spin rates across the face of the club for greater accuracy and more distance on shots hit across the face.

The G425 hybrids have a flat crown and a more rounded sole than previous Ping rescues with this new shaping improving turf interaction and make it easier to hit from a variety of lies.

Tungsten Back Weighting has increased the MOI (moment of inertia) and improved forgiveness, particularly on off-center hits.

Ping G425 Hybrids

The hybrids are available in 2-hybrid (17.0 degrees), 3-hybrid (19.0 degrees), 4-hybrid (22.0 degrees), 5-hybrid (26.0 degrees), 6-hybrid (30.0 degrees) and 7-hybrid (34.0 degrees).

The Ping G425 hybrids come with an adjustable hosel that allows the loft and lie angle to be adjusted up or down by 1.5 degrees.

Ping G425 Hybrids

Verdict: Are Ping G425 hybrids any good?

Ping have come up with an all-round performer that is suited to all levels of golfers and the G425 hybrids and one of the best newcomers.

The improvements made from the G410 vs G425 hybrids are particularly impressive with both Facewrap Technology and Spinsistency both helping with forgiveness, accuracy and distance.

The adjustable hosel in this model really gives the kind of versatility that golfers crave and you can really get a set up to suit your game and requirements when it comes to your long game.


What is the Ping G425 hybrids release date?

The new hybrids were unveiled in 2021 and have been a best seller ever since.

How much do the Ping G425 rescues cost?

The price of the hybrids is around $250 per club.

What are the Ping G425 hybrids specs?

The hybrids are available in 2-hybrid (17.0 degrees), 3-hybrid (19.0 degrees), 4-hybrid (22.0 degrees), 5-hybrid (26.0 degrees), 6-hybrid (30.0 degrees) and 7-hybrid (34.0 degrees).