Best Golf Hybrids 2023 (TOP Ranked Rescues & Utility Clubs)

The pick of the best new hybrids options for 2023

The top ranked golf rescues and hybrids for the 2023 season.

Ping G430 Hybrids

Looking for new golf hybrids or rescues for 2023? The best golf hybrids 2023 have been picked out in the shortlist.

What makes hybrids unique is that they can not only act as a replacement for those who find it difficult to hit long irons, but also offer a great degree of versatility around the golf course.

Whether it is hitting out of fairway bunkers or chipping around the green, hybrid golf clubs are an ideal option for all golfers to consider when it comes to adding more playmaking ability in their sets.

What follows are some of the best golf hybrids 2023 has to offer, plus read the best golf drivers for 2023, best woods for 2023, best irons for 2023, best wedges for 2023 and the best putters for 2023.

Also make sure you are playing the best golf balls for 2023.

1. Ping G430 Hybrids

Ping G430 Hybrids

The Ping G430 hybrids are the latest generation of the manufacturer’s most popular model with some interesting changes compared to the G425 model.

Ping have worked on offering improved forgiveness, more reliability and added distance from the new range of rescues.

The new Carbonfly Wrap has been added to the G430 model to provide 8g of weight compared to the steel crown of the G425s.

The weighting, along with the fixed rear tungsten weight, provides a higher launch angle, increased club head speed, more ball speed and distance.

Ping’s Trajectory Tuning technology provides a lightweight, eight-position hosel for loft adjustments.

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2. Callaway Great Big Bertha Hybrids

Callaway Great Big Bertha Hybrids

The latest version of the Callaway Great Big Bertha hybrids are new for 2023 with the rescues breaking new ground having been designed with “driver DNA” in mind.

The 2023 GBB hybrids are the most advanced yet from Callaway and featuring a Titanium design based on driver DNA for the first time.

Callaway have also included Face Cup, A.I. Jailbreak and Batwing technologies, as well a more refined wood-like shape.

With an adjustable hosel, Callaway have thrown everything into the Great Big Bertha rescues in one of the most impressive new additions to the market.

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3. Titleist TSi2 Hybrids

Titleist TSi2 Hybrids

With a Carpenter 455 forged clubface and optimized weight distribution lower in the clubhead, the Titleist TSi2 hybrid is designed to make it as easy as possible to get the ball in the air quickly.

Joined in the series by the TSi1 and TSi3 rescues, adjustability is what truly sets this club apart from other brands.

It features a SureFit hosel with 16 different adjustability settings to allow players to change their ball flights as they see fit.

It is truly a Swiss army knife of hybrid clubs and can do it all, with a launch angle that allows golfers to get out of any lie with ease.

4. Callaway Apex 21 Hybrids

Callaway Apex 21 Hybrids

Callaway has long been known for making solid hybrid clubs for some time now, but the most recent iteration in the Callaway Apex 21 Hybrid may be their best version yet.

It is the technology in the club that helps to set it apart from the rest, with the main feature being Jailbreak A.I. Velocity Blades. This helps to increase stiffness at the sole of the club, making it less likely for golfers to mishit the hybrid.

Tungsten weighting has been placed lower than previous versions to both promote higher launch along with more forgiveness. There is also the adjustability factor to note as well, with four different loft options available.

It is a hybrid club that can help elevate anyone’s game, in that it has everything a golfer could want in a hybrid – distance, forgiveness, accuracy, you name it.

5. Mizuno CLK Hybrids

Mizuno CLK Hybrids

Mizuno is more known for their iron sets than anything else these days, but one would be remiss to not include the Mizuno CLK Hybrid on the list of best golf hybrids for 2023.

It has been featured on Golf Digest’s Hot List Gold for good reason. The MAS1C Maraging clubface makes the golf ball feel as though it is jumping off of the face and provides superior distance over its competitors.

While it also features four degrees of loft adjustability, what really makes the hybrid unique is in its playability.

The wider profile allows one to shape shots with ease and hit out of practically any lie, making it a must-have for golfers looking to shoot lower scores.

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