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Best 3-Wood Golf Club (Best 3 Fairway Woods)

Best 3-Wood Golf Club

Struggling to find the perfect 3-wood to complete your golf bag setup? The best 3-wood golf club for 2024 have been picked out in the shortlist.

Getting a fairway wood you can trust as an alternative to driver off the tee, or one which can help you attack those par-5s in two, isn’t easy.

Which is the best 3-wood golf club to suit your needs? Which new fairway woods offer the most distance? Which is most forgiving? We’ve picked out our favorites for the year ahead.

1. Ping G430 Fairway Woods

The Ping G430 woods were new in 2023 but remain one of the best options for this year, including the Max, LST (Low Spin Technology) and SFT (Straight Flight Technology) models.

All three have been ranked as being the best 3-wood golf club, whichever model suits your swing and shot shape requirements.

The G430 Max fairways are an upgraded version of the G425 model and have a slightly refined club head compared to the predecessor. It has the highest MOI and the most forgiveness from across the face.

Ping G430 Woods

The G430 LST is regarded as the tour-level option, has the smallest head among the three models and not only reduces spin levels, it also produces a penetrating ball flight for impressive distances.

The Straight Flight Technology (SFT) model is also back in the new G430 range and is designed to help eradicate a slice or fade by producing a much straight ball flight. It has a draw setting and a heel-side CG.

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2. TaylorMade Qi10 Fairway Woods

The TaylorMade Qi10 fairways are the successor to the Stealth 2 with three models – the Qi10, Qi10 Max and Qi10 Tour – in the range.

They are TaylorMade’s most forgiving yet with ultra-high MOI, with the trio of options giving plenty of distance and workability as well as forgiveness.

TaylorMade Qi10 Woods

The Qi10 woods is the standard model and all-rounder of the trio of options, offering the combination of distance with forgiveness and suited to all types of golfer from tour star to high-handicapper.

The Max represents a new move for TaylorMade as they have come up with a ultra-high MOI in this model and a low CG for the most forgiveness in the range.

The Tour model is the elite performer of the Qi10 fairways range and features a different design to the other models for maximum adjustability.

This tour-level option has a moveable weight system at the rear the sole with the 50g sliding weight able to alter setup for a higher or lower launch.


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3. Titleist TSR Fairway Woods

The Titleist TSR fairway woods are most known for its adjustability, joining the Titleist TSR drivers as one of the best options on the market.

The TSR2 is the standard model with key changes are centred around the CG, which is lower than ever before. It is also face balanced, for a high launching ball flight with less backspin.

Titleist TSR Woods

The TSR2+ fairways are almost identical to the TSR2 model, but they have a larger profile and have been designed to be the best option off the tee, rather than the deck.

The TSR3 woods model is out pick of the options and features a five position Surefit Track System that is located on the bottom of the clubhead and allows for a large degree of versatility in terms of setup.

The TSR3 is also very easy to launch the ball into the air and it is ideal choice for those hitting from the fairways.

The TSR1 was added later, but the lightweight model is best suited to slower swing speeds and more suited to higher-handicap golfers.

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4. Callaway AI Smoke Fairway Woods

Callaway AI Smoke Fairways are new 2024 with four models – the AI Smoke Max, Max D, Max Fast and Triple Diamond – featuring multiple sweet spots across a new face.

The latest fairway woods feature a new AI face design process called AI Smart Face, which replaces Jailbreak Technology and has multiple sweet spots on the face.

Callaway Paradym AI Smoke Max D Woods

The AI Smoke Max replaces the Paradym Max as the standard model of the new range of fairways with distance and adjustability what this model is all about.

The Max D model is the draw bias version and is designed a cure to natural fade or slice ball shapes. It is more forgiving than the Max with a stretched back clubhead shape and the highest launch angle in the series.

A new addition into the 2024 series, the Max Fast is a lightweight option designed to help golfers with slower swings generate maximum speed through the air.

The Triple Diamond model is the most tour-like design with a compact clubhead, a deep face profile and a penetrating ball flight for maximum distance.

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5. PXG 0311 Black Ops Fairway Woods

PXG 0311 Black Ops fairways are new for 2024 with the fairways the most advanced and easy-to-launch yet.

The fairway woods have been refined compared to the previous 0311 model with a new face and sole design among the changes.

PXG 0311 Black Ops Woods

A more compact clubhead, larger and more square face and flat sole have allowed PXG’s designers to move weight to the perimeter, add forgiveness and increase ball speeds.

More forgiving than the previous version of the 0311 fairways, these woods are more accurate than any previous model and it is all down to the new weighting structure.

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6. Cobra Darkspeed Fairway Woods

Cobra Darkspeed woods are newly launched for 2024 with three models – the X, Max and LS – providing more speed and distance.

The Cobra Darkspeed X fairways are the standard model of the trio of options and suited to players looking to maximize distance while enjoying a higher launch.

Cobra Darkspeed X Woods

The Darkspeed Max model is designed with maximum forgiveness and a draw-biased setup for golfers looking to cure the dreaded left-to-right slice or fade.

Adjustable back and heel weights are key to the design and also allow customization for golfers to fine-tune the draw bias to suit their individual swing styles. The 3g and 15g sole weights can be interchanged to adjust the amount of draw.

The Darkspeed LS woods are the tour-level model, featuring a sleek and compact clubhead that not only appeals visually but also provides a confidence-inspiring look and feel at address.

The LS fairways offers an unmatched combination of driver-like distance and meticulous shot shaping that elite level golfers crave.

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7. Mizuno ST-G Titanium Fairway Woods

Mizuno ST-G Titanium fairways are the first fairways ever to be included in the series and are designed for tour-level and elite golfers in mind.

The new addition features a titanium face, Mizuno’s CORTECH Chamber design and now offer the perfect option for fast swing speeds.

Mizuno ST-G Titanium Woods

Mizuno may have taken some time to perfect and release the new design, but the wait is worth it with the ST-G fairways featuring all of technologies you see in the drivers.

The key element in the CORTECH Chamber, which helps deliver consistency and explosive ball speeds and with low spin levels that better golfers crave.

It sits within all-titanium body made from TI-88 is complimented by a titanium face that is variable thickness to provide consistent ball speeds even on mishit shots.

Mizuno has also incorporated 80g stainless steel sole plate to help balance the set up and deliver one of the best 3-wood golf clubs that sit perfect square at address.

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