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Home » Maxfli Tour X Golf Balls Review (NEW Premium Firm Ball Launched)

Maxfli Tour X Golf Balls Review (NEW Premium Firm Ball Launched)

Maxfli Tour X Golf Balls Review

Maxfli Tour X Golf Balls have been launched with the once maligned brand returning with three premium models. How do they perform?

The new 2023 Tour X ball is joined by the Tour balls and Tour S with Maxfli making a return with a high-class performer that has even seen Lexi Thompson partner with the brand for 2024.

The Tour X model is a four-piece ball with a fast core and a dual mantle construction to provide a firmer feel than the others in the range and a softer urethane cover for feel and spin control.

How does it perform vs the Tour? How does it rate vs the Pro V1x, TP5x and Chrome Tour X? And should you be adding it to the bag in 2024?

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Maxfli Tour X Golf Balls Design & Features

The Maxfli Tour X is a premium new design with four-layers of construction to signal the brands return to the big time with a tour-level performer.

The large 1.40″ single core in the Tour X provides golfers with high-speed performance for maximum distances from tee to green.

Maxfli Tour X Golf Balls

The fast core is encased in a dual ionomer mantle, which not only lowers driver spin but also contributes to the ball’s overall durability.

The softer cast urethane cover contributes to a soft feel on impact – although the Tour X has a much firmer compression than the Tour model.

The urethane cover is designed with an innovative tetrahedron dimple pattern for optimized ball flight, aerodynamics for longer distance and to help add extra spin on short game play.

Maxfli Tour X Golf Balls

The Tour X also features a center of gravity that is balanced to maintain a stable and consistent flight regardless of the conditions.

The balls are available in Gloss White and Matte White and comes with an enhanced alignment aid for improving putting accuracy on the green.

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Maxfli Tour X Golf Balls Review: Are they any good?

There is an awful lot to like about the Tour X balls, which we found to deliver an exceptional blend of speed, control and feel.

Offering a firmer option than the Tour model, it is well-suited for a wide range of golfers who are seeking to maximise distance but still enjoy a soft enough feel around the greens.

The biggest compliment we can say about this ball is just how stable it is. Whether used on a still, calm day or in a raging gale, the Tour X is super stable when it comes to the ball flight offered and the distances gained.

The one downside is the spin levels when it comes to short game approach play compared to the three-piece Tour ball, which offer more reaction and control than the sister model.


When were the Maxfli Tour X Balls launched?

They were first made available in 2023 as a new premium model.

How much do Maxfli Tour X Golf Balls cost?

The Tour X balls retail at $39.99 for 12 or $42.99 for personalized golf balls versions.

What Maxfli says about the Tour X Golf Balls:

“Maxfli Tour X Golf Balls feature a larger core for faster ball speeds and a dual ionomer construction that lowers driver spin.

“In addition, the softer cast urethane cover adds greenside spin and feel.

“Large 1.40″ single core designed for faster ball speeds, dual ionomer mantle construction lowers driver spin and the softer cast urethane cover for added greenside spin and feel

“Patented balancing process combined with new alignment aid for improved consistency and accuracy as well as innovative tetrahedron dimple pattern optimizes ball flights aerodynamics for longer distance.”