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Home » TaylorMade SpeedSoft Ink Balls Review (NEW Paint Splatter Model For 2024)

TaylorMade SpeedSoft Ink Balls Review (NEW Paint Splatter Model For 2024)

TaylorMade SpeedSoft Ink Golf Balls Review

TaylorMade SpeedSoft Ink balls are new for 2024 with the unique design the softest ever ball launched by the manufacturer. Does it do more than catch the eye?

The Ink model is part of a SpeedSoft design that also features standard white and yellow options, but this special design has a paint splatter look in four separate colours.

Like the standard SpeedSoft ball, the Ink models are a budget low compression two-piece offering that is the softest ever construction released by TaylorMade.

Best suited to golfers with slow-to-average swing speeds, does the SpeedSoft have performance benefits? And how does the Ink design actually help you on the course? We take a look.

TaylorMade SpeedSoft Ink Golf Balls Design & Features

The ink version of the SpeedSoft golf balls feature a high-contrast paint-splatter design that not only enhances visibility but also brings an element of style and personality to the game.

It is more than just a “splatter”, however, as the paint artwork is designed for performance benefits too similar to the TaylorMade TP5 Pix balls, which aid with alignment.

The Ink model balls have an innovative high visibility ink design in Green, Blue, Red, and Pink to suit the colour preferences of a range of golfers. All models feature a black alignment aid line.

TaylorMade SpeedSoft Ink Balls

The SpeedSoft ball marks a significant move by TaylorMade as they break new ground with the launch a ball softer than the Soft Response.

A budget ball aimed at providing the everyday golfer with an exceptional balance between soft feel and explosive distance, the SpeedSoft has plenty of technology despite being a two-layer construction.

The ball features a new PWRCORE technology design with this the core innovation which helps achieve the soft feel of the SpeedSoft, but provides optimal energy transfer.

TaylorMade SpeedSoft Ink Balls Green

As a result, the SpeedSoft provides an ultra-soft feel from the Ionomer on iron shots and around the green, but doesn’t sacrifice distance off the tee.

The SpeedSoft ball is also available White and Yellow, which has an enriched Surlyn cover,

TaylorMade SpeedSoft Ink Golf Balls Review: Are they any good?

TaylorMade have come up with something new for 2024 with more to the Ink model than just being a colourful option to tee it up with.

The SpeedSoft range is an excellent addition and gives TaylorMade a contender to rival the Callaway Supersoft, Srixon Soft Feel and Titleist Tour Soft balls.

A very soft, low compression ball than is an incredibly cheap golf ball, they are an ideal choice for beginners and high-handicappers.

The Ink range won’t be to everyone’s taste but we liked the look of them in testing. There benefits on the course are good too with solid distance and a lot of short game control.


How much do TaylorMade SpeedSoft Ink golf balls cost?

SpeedSoft balls retail at around £20 / $25 per dozen.

What is the compression of the TaylorMade Ink SpeedSoft balls?

The SpeedSoft is a low compression soft 2-layer construction.

What colours are the TaylorMade SpeedSoft Ink balls available in?

The SpeedSoft ball is available in high visibility ink design in Green, Blue, Red, and Pink. You can also purchase white and yellow options.

What TaylorMade says about the SpeedSoft Ink balls:

“SpeedSoft is engineered with a singular focus: delivering the softest possible feel while maintaining explosive speeds for the everyday golfer.

“Fueled by a new PWRCORE technology, Speedsoft balances distance off the tee with ultra-soft feel on irons shots and around the green.

“It was created with high contrast and high visibility in mind, while also bringing the multi-axis print formula used in TP5/x Pix to a more-affordable price point.

“Introducing the ALL NEW SPEEDSOFT – our softest ball ever. Available in white, yellow, and high visibility ink. SpeedSoft also features a new paint-splatter visual technology called SpeedSoft Ink.

“Offered in four colorways (Green, Blue, Red and Pink), SpeedSoft Ink is here to bring a little personality and style to the golf course for those who dare to break convention.

“SpeedSoft Yellow features an enriched Surlyn cover that creates a bright and highly visible yellow, maintaining vibrant coloration for longer and delivering increased durability.”