Titleist U505 Irons Review (NEW Utility Irons For 2023)

The U505 are Titleist's new long irons and utility options

The U505 irons are part of the new T-Series.

Titleist U505 Irons

Titleist U505 irons are new for 2023 after the utility irons were released as part of the T-Series. How do they rate vs the U500 and U510?

In what is a standard path for Titleist, the new irons were unveiled and put through a validation process before the details were officially revealed about the new design.

The U505 irons join the updated versions of the T100 and T200 irons as well as completely new models in the shape of the T150 and T350.

We take a look at what Titleist have incorporated in the U505s and how the are the perfect blend of the previous U500 and U510 models.

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What Titleist says about the new U505 utility irons:

“U505 lets you reclaim your long iron game. Drawing on Tour input, the refined design provides the high, explosive launch you expect from a utility, now with a remarkably solid feel and sound.

“With a shorter blade and shallow face, U505 sets up the way Tour Pros feel a utility should. Now with an even cleaner design, there is nothing to distract you from hitting the exact shot and shape your playing position demands.

Titleist U505 Irons

“For U505, Titleist engineers use a refined Max Impact Technology with added dampening in the polymer muscle badge to guide the frequencies created at impact into the ideal player range.

“U505 features a more stable, reengineered chassis and a lower CG position to help maintain speed and stability on strikes made away from centre.

“The new single taper face improves performance towards the heel for tighter overall distance dispersion.

Titleist U505 Irons

“Working with Tour Pros and the grind experts at Vokey Design, our engineers were able to further improve our Variable Bounce Sole by softening the trailing edge to allow the club to flow faster through the turf, even after contact. A scoring iron refinement for one of the longest clubs in your bag.”

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Titleist U505 Irons Specs & Verdict

Titleist have combined the existing U500 and U510 irons into the all-new U505 utilities with an improved all-round performance the order of the day.

The latest model has been tweaked to provide better feel than previously, more performance off the face even from off-center strikes and fit more seamlessly in with the rest of the T-Series.

Titleist U505 Irons

The U505s have a more compact look to the clubhead and a more appealing shape that includes a shorter blade length as well as a shallow face.

The CG of the U505 irons has been lowered to produce more forgiveness across the face without sacrificing distance or ball speed.

The U505 irons also feature a single taper face, which is designed in this model to provide better distance control.

Titleist U505 Irons

The Max Impact Technology used across the T-Series is also present in this iron a better feel thanks to the added dampening in the polymer muscle badge.

Like the other new irons, the utility model has the Variable Bounce Sole design has been softened and smoothed along the trailing edge for better turf interaction from all types of lies.

The U505 irons are available in 1-iron (16 degrees), 2-iron (18 degrees), 3-iron (20 degrees) and 4-iron (22 degrees).

Titleist U505 Irons

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Verdict: Are the new Titleist U505 irons any good?

Titleist have taken everything good about the U500 and U510 irons and crafted them into the new U505, which is the most complete package.

Designed to be more stable and forgiving as well as longer and more consistent, the U505 really is a top class performing utility iron that offers an alternative to hybrids.

The more compact clubhead than previous models means that the U505 is better suited to work well with any of the T-Series irons for an adaptable bag setup.


What is the Titleist U505 irons release date?

They were first revealed in May 2023 and are on sale from August 2023.

How much do Titleist U505 irons cost?

The price of the U505s are $200 per iron.

What are the Titleist U505 irons specs?

The U505 irons are available in 1-iron (16 degrees), 2-iron (18 degrees), 3-iron (20 degrees) and 4-iron (22 degrees).