Callaway ERC Soft 360 Fade Golf Balls Review (NEW Model For 2023)

The 2023 model of the ball features new 360° Fade Technology

The ERC Soft has been re-released for 2023.

Callaway ERC Soft 360 Golf Balls

Callaway ERC Soft 360 Fade golf balls are new for 2023 with the promise of providing the perfect combination of soft feel, maximum distance and greenside control.

New 360° Fade Technology, an alignment design aid on the ball, replaces the Triple Track Technology used on the original ERC Soft ball.

Continuing to carry the name of Ely Reeves Callaway, the founder of the company, the three-piece ERC Soft 360 also features new improvements made to the cover, core and spin levels this ball provides.

We take a look at what is new with this ERC Soft edition, what it offers your game and how the 360 Fade Technology actually works.

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What Callaway says about the ERC Soft 360 Fade balls:

“ERC Soft introduces technologies that properly complement each other, delivering soft feel through the bag, incredible distance with the driver, added spin for greenside control with your wedges, and advanced alignment from tee-to-green.

“Now the ERC Soft 360 Fade is available in our NEW 360° Fade Technology, with better alignment across the golf ball, and visible roll feedback on the putting green.

“Increased greenside spin from new GRIP urethane coating system, which features high-elongation paint for increased control on approach shots and short game shots.

Callaway ERC Soft 360 Golf Balls

“Optimized for faster driver speed and soft feel around the green with exceptional feel, control, spin and long distance from hybrid cover, which allows us to create a versatile, multi-material construction.

“This is how we combine maximized distance from high launch and low spin, with soft feel and durability. With more efficient energy transfer between the layers for more ball speed and provides more wedge spin around the green.

“Advanced alignment across the golf ball from new 360 Fade Technology. Designed to help you choose the proper start line, and to promote visible roll feedback on the putting green.”

Callaway ERC Soft 360 Balls

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Callaway ERC Soft 360 Fade Golf Balls Design & Features

Callaway have re-released the ERC Soft ball with a new alignment pattern as the 360 Fade Technology replaces Triple Track Technology in the 2023 model.

The unique faded pattern from red to blue on the ball is designed to help you hole more putts and has been created as a new feature rather than the trio of lines in the previous version.

The 2023 ERC Soft ball also has a new HyperElastic SoftFast Core to help deliver more speed off the clubface for maximum distance, while also providing a soft feel around the greens.

Callaway ERC Soft 360 Balls

The three-piece construction also features a High Speed Mantle for exceptional energy transfer and ball speeds, as well as more spin in your short game.

A new Hybrid Cover is also introduced with the urethane coating system producing a high launch and low spinning ball with incredible durability.

The new ERC Soft is available in white only.

Callaway ERC Soft 360 Golf Balls

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Verdict: Are the new ERC Soft 360 golf balls any good?

The original ERC Soft balls were well received as a middle ground between the Chrome Soft range and the Supersoft and this generation builds on that further.

The improved construction design helps extract additional distance, a better ball flight, less spin in the long game but more in the short game and be more reliable than ever before.

The new 360 Fade Technology is an interesting addition, similar in principle to the TaylorMade Tour Response Stripe ball and does providing plenty of confidence that you are rolling putts on the line selected.


What is the Callaway ERC Soft 360 ball release date?

The balls were launched in April 2023 and immediately available to pre-order.

How much do Callaway ERC Soft 360 golf balls cost?

The retail at around $40 per dozen (12 pack).

What colours are available in the ERC Soft 360 golf balls?

The ERC Soft 360 is available in standard white for starters with the balls features red and blue Fade Technology.

What is the Callaway ERC Soft 360 golf ball compression?

The ERC Soft 360 has a compression of around 75, soft than the Chrome Soft balls. That makes it suitable for the mid-speed swings.