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Ping i530 Irons Review (NEW For 2024)

Ping i530 irons are new for 2024 and the successor to the hugely popular i525 irons. We take a look at the changes and new features.

The forged irons have been revealed as a newcomer for 2024 along with the Blueprint S & T irons, Ping G730 irons and Ping S159 wedges. Ping have also launched the new G430 Max 10K driver.

Ping have made tweaks to the design of the i525 irons rather than rip up the look and feel with the forged blades having stronger lofts, more flex from the hollow body, thinner top line, narrower sole and shallower face height.

We tested them to see how the changes affected performance and if the distance gains, as well as more consistency, promised were delivered upon.

Ping i530 Irons Specs & Design

The i530 irons have a very similar look to the i525 irons, but the new players’ iron has a number of design tweaks that deliver more distance and a tighter dispersion.

Ping premier forged model is an iron aimed at the better and elite players with workability, control, distance and ball speed what they are all about.

Ping i530 Irons

They have a muscle back blade design and look and are produced from C300 maraging steel once again which is welded to a 17-4 stainless steel hollow body.

It is the hollow body that delivers faster ball speeds and more distance compared to the i525 irons, with Ping’s design team able to add more flex into the latest version.

The clubhead itself is more compact with a thinner top line, narrower sole and shallower face height than in the i525 design.

Ping i530 Irons

Weight savings made as a result of those tweaks has allowed Ping to move the center of gravity and add to the forgiveness on offer for more accuracy from tee to green.

The now standard Ping tungsten toe screw and shaft tip weights are also present to allow for setup options via the swingweight.

The precision-milled MicroMax grooves now have tighter spacing and more grooves to help produce consistent spin levels through the bag.

Ping i530 Irons

The i530 irons are available in 4-iron (19 degrees) to pitching wedge (42 degrees). There is also a utility wedge in the range with 47 degree loft.

Ping i530 Irons Review: Are they any good?

The i525 irons were incredibly popular and Ping have come up trumps with the upgraded version in the new i530 model.

An all-round improved package, the i530s are incredibly pleasing on the eye having been refined in terms of the clubhead size and the look at address.

And when it comes to performance they deliver too. Admittedly, distance gains can be partly attributed to the stronger lofts, but there is no doubting the overall tweaks have contributed too.

The i530s are certain to be a big hit with the added forgiveness making them suitable for a wider range of golfers who look gaming blades.


When are the Ping i530 irons being released?

The i530s were released for sale in February 2024.

How much do the Ping i530 Irons cost?

The price of the new Ping irons are $205 per iron.

What are the Ping i530 irons specs?

The i530 irons are available in 4-iron (19 degrees) to pitching wedge (42 degrees). There is also a utility wedge in the range with 47 degree loft.

What Ping says about the new i530 irons:

“If you desire a compact, blade-style head and your primary goal is more distance, the new i530 is engineered to launch the ball higher and farther with the consistency and predictability to hit shots closer to the hole.

“Distance gains come from multiple sources including a highly flexible forged face in a hollow-body design that will add yards with tighter dispersion.

Like our previous player’s distance designs, a forged, highly flexible maraging steel C300 face is precisely welded to the 17-4 stainless steel hollow body, creating bending that produces big distance gains.

Ping i530 Irons

“The hollow body allows for face bending that generates faster ball speeds and greater distance. An arcing sole cascade accentuates flexing and combines with distance-optimized lofts to ensure max height with stopping power on greens.

“Blade enthusiasts will appreciate the compact head’s thin top line, narrow sole and shallow face height. The clean, premium look owes in part to a new machining technique that thins the back wall, saving weight to help with forgiveness and tighten dispersion.

“Precision-milled MicroMax grooves (tighter spacing, more grooves) ensure consistent launch and spin results and score-lowering performance from all conditions.

“A lower CG is more aligned with where impact occurs, and a polymer precisely placed in the head improves feel and sound while maximizing face bending and ball speed. Tungsten toe screw and shaft tip weights for swingweight fine-tuning.”